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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Two-way Landline Text Messaging for Towing Service

Text instantly with customers who needs towing using your towing service's existing phone number with Texty Pro.

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Hi. My car just stopped on Rt. 1 near Kelly Ave. Can you send a tow truck?
SMS • 2:23 PM
Thank you for texting Frank's Towing. What's your name?. - Frank, Frank's Towing
You • 2:24 PM
Hi Frank. This is Dexter Fitzgerald.
SMS • 2:23 PM
Hey Dexter. We can get a truck out to you in the next 30 minutes.
You • 2:24 PM
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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Two-way Landline Text Messaging for Towing Service

SMS for Towing Companies

Easy to use Text Messaging Service for Towing Services

Business landline text messaging can be a powerful tool for towing services to improve their customer service and streamline communication. With landline text messaging, towing services can send updates on the status of the tow truck and expected arrival time, providing customers with a clear and concise understanding of when to expect help.

Text messaging can also be used to provide information on pricing, services, and other important details, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, text messaging can be used to send special promotions and discounts, increasing customer loyalty and retention. Furthermore, text messaging can help to reduce phone wait times, allowing customers to communicate with towing services quickly and efficiently. By leveraging Business Texting, towing services can enhance customer satisfaction and stand out from competitors in the market.

Get Texty Pro Landline Texting Service for Towing Service

Start with a Quick Towing Service Account Registration

Texty Pro Texting Service for Towing Service was designed by experts in the product, user experience and telecom engineering industry for a simple & seamless texting experience.

Text-enable Your Current Towing Service Phone Number

First, you'll need to sign up to Texty Pro. Choose a plan that works for your towing business and verify your number.

SMS for Real Estate Agencies and Brokerages

Start exchanging texts using the Towing Service phone number

When you receive a text message on your towing service's phone number, you can read or reply to it from our website using a computer.

Client texting a landline number | Texty Pro
Hey Joseph. The tow truck will be there in about 20 minutes. - Daniela, Frank's Towing
SMS - just now
Why Use a Texting Service for Towing Service?

Text-enabling your towing service will save you time and resources

One of the many benefits of texting is that it doesn't require both parties to be present. When a customer calls your towing service, the phone call may take a few minutes. If you receive another phone call, you may need to place the current customer on hold or let it go to voicemail. With business texting for towing services, you can text with multiple customers at once.

  • Automatically greet any customer texting your towing service for the first time
  • Receive pictures of customer's cars, landmark, or other information
  • Receive the address or coordinate of the customer's car
  • Quickly reply to frequently asked questions
  • Send tow truck ETA status
  • Chat with your towing service employees and co-workers
  • Automatically reply to texts received at the towing service during off hours
Text to Landline & VoIP for Towing Service

Can I use my current business phone number for texting?

Healthcare staff replying to a text message from a patient

How do I check for text messages?


Retail business staff sending a text message from their landline number

How can I receive a text message?


Home services professional replying to a text message from a customer

How does the 14-day free trial work for towing services?


Insurance agent replying to a text message from a customer

Can I send a text from a computer?


Our company (Design Tree Maintenance) has been using Texty Pro for several months now. The system is virtually flawless and when I did have a problem I received help within just a minuet or two after sending an email about my issue. Excellent service! Excellent Product!

Design Tree Maintenance
Texty Pro Business User

We've been using texty pro for a full year now! We operate a lawn care business and use this service for coordinating with customers. It works great! Both using a web browser and the phone app. Support has been responsive immediately when needed.

Texty Pro Business User

I had no clue about this company or the fact that our company used TextyPro. At first mention, our account had been suspended due to a payment issue. Not having a full grasp of the situation, I reached out to support with an SOS. I quickly got a call from David who was very kind and patient with me as he listened to my ranting of the whole matter. David then went over every aspect my problem in detail and offered helpful suggestions which assisted me in resolving the whole issue. Best Customer Service EVER!!!

Texty Pro Business User

the customer service and platform are fantastic. I will choose a company first every time who has a genuine representative on the other line! Thank you David and the TP team!

Mandi Jenkins
Texty Pro Business User

The set up was instant. I did get a notification that it could take up to 24-hours to send and receive texts from our existing, web-based phone lines, but it took about 24 seconds. There was an immediate issue, which had me scared, but a representative was live (a half-hour before their normal hours of business) within a minute and kept me on the chat while their team of engineers untangled it, which took about 25 minutes. I was blown away at the live service and how ready their engineers were. So far, very impressed.

Nathan Heddleston
Texty Pro Business User

Just getting started but already impressed with the great customer service!

Jeni DeGeeter
Texty Pro Business User

Amazing Company. So accommodating and flexible. Highly recommend them. Quick responsive service.

Andy Ward
Texty Pro Business User

Great application to help with our business workflow. Better ability to reach customers through texting than actual phone calls. Great service!

Kunal Gupta
Texty Pro Business User

Very pleased with texty pro!

Miami Excellence Collision Center
Texty Pro Business User

Once we signed up with Texty Pro we were able to send and receive texts our regular landline telephone number. Very handy and easy to use!

Thom Thompson
Texty Pro Business User

amazing company and the employees

Felipe Soto
Texty Pro Business User


Texty Pro Business User

TextyPro is an awesome service! They are personable and are always a phone call or email away! Super helpful and the service is very easy to use for a busy business!

Kirstin Meeks
Texty Pro Business User

Try North America's preferred texting service for Towing Service for free today.

Text Enable Landline Phone for Towing Service

Pro Monthly Plan for Towing Service

2,000 SMS/mo


Billed annually.
Or pay $59 month-to-month. Incoming SMS texts are free.

Did You Know That You Can Send and Receive Standard Text Messages Using a Landline or a Voip Number with Business Texting Service For Towing Service?

Frequently Asked Questions about Texting for Business Landline Texting for Towing Service

Have questions about Towing Service texting such as "How can I text using my phone number I'm using at my towing business?" or "How do I check for text messages?" Take a look below or visit our support page for more.

How can I text using my phone number I'm using at my towing business?

First, you'll need to sign up to Texty Pro. Choose a plan that works for your towing business and verify your number.

Can I use my current business phone number for texting?

Yes, you can use your current business phone number. Texty Pro supports landline numbers and VoIP (Voice over IP) phone numbers.

How do I check for text messages?

When you receive a text message on your towing service's phone number, you can read or reply to it from our website using a computer.

Are there any changes I need to make to my telephone plan?

Not at all. Texty Pro works independently from your phone service provider. No changes or special equipments are needed.

How does the 14-day free trial work for towing services?

Texty Pro texting for towing services is free for 14-days in the US and Canada. No hidden fees and you can cancel anytime.

How will I know when I receive a text at my towing business?

When you receive a text, you will see a notification bubble on your computer. You'll also receive a notification on your mobile phone if you download our mobile app.

View All FAQs for Towing Service

Are you using a virtual number for texting? Use your existing business number instead.

Learn How You Can Improve Communications with Landline Texting For Towing Service

Start by learning the ins and outs of business text messaging for Towing Service today. When you're ready to get ahead, give the free trial a try.

See the benefits of adding text messaging to your business phone number to send and receive text from a computer. Compared to phone calls and emails, business SMS is a fast and convenient way to interact with your customers whenever and wherever.

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