Landline Business Text Messaging for Restaurants

Improve Customer Service with Landline Texting for Restaurants, caterers, and food service companies.

Text with customers directly from your restaurant's landline or VoIP phone number to manage reservations, take orders, distribute coupons, answer customer questions and communicate with employees while keeping your personal mobile number private.

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Landline text-enabled restaurant | Texty Pro
Restaurant staff taking order through a text message| Texty Pro
Your reservation for this Friday at 7 PM for 6 people is confirmed. We'll see you soon!
Blazing BBQ Roasters - just now
Staff texting with a customer | Texty Pro
Customer texting a landline number | Texty Pro
Sending a texting message from a computer | Texty Pro


Text messages have a 209% higher response rates than phone or email


292 million people in North America use text messages regularly


SMS coupons are used 10 times more than any other type of coupons


of text messages are opened and read within 90 seconds of receiving

The Lambs Club restaurant uses Texty Pro to text with customersSaint Theo's restaurant uses Texty Pro to text with customersAmerican Bar restaurant uses Texty Pro to text with customersHoliday Bar restaurant uses Texty Pro to text with customersDak Fried Chicken restaurant uses Texty Pro to text with customers

"Can you text from a landline? You can with Texty Pro! Your restaurant can start text messaging with customers and employees using your existing phone number. Your customers don't need any additional apps to text you, just your existing business phone number."

Efficiently take reservations and takeout orders with restaurant texting service

Texting with your restaurant, take-out & catering, or food service company customers leaves a written record of their information and order details. Your restaurant can update multiple customers at once when their food is ready for pick-up or the estimated delivery time for their order.

Text reservation confirmations and reminders to customers and have them respond if they have to cancel or change times.

Private notes allows restaurant staff to leave contextual notes that only you and others on your team can see.

Customer making a reservation through texting - Texty Pro
Hi. I'd like to make a reservation for 5 adults for next Tuesday at 7PM. Also, can you accommodate a guest with severe peanut allergy?
Hi, my name is Mia. Thank you for texting Ashton's Steak House. May I have your name, please?
Employee taking a reservation via text message - Texty Pro
Customer making a reservation through texting - Texty Pro
Sure, it's Jim Sebastianos.
Employee taking a reservation via text message - Texty Pro
Private note from Miya (you) • 1:24 PM
Noted. Thanks@Miya_reception
Restaurant chef texting with receptionist
Private note from Ashton • 1:24 PM
Hi Jim. We accommodate any type of food allergies. Also, your reservation for next Tuesday @ 7PM is confirmed. Please text us for any questions or changes.
Employee taking a reservation via text message - Texty Pro
Customer making a reservation through texting - Texty Pro
Thank you Mia 👍 We'll see you then!
Patrons can text your existing landline using their default SMS text messages app on their mobile phone.

Retain your customers with restaurant landline texting

Keep your customers returning by text messaging special promotions, events and coupons to their phones. Coupons received by text messages increase customer’s visits and over half of texted coupons are used in a week. Text enable your restaurant phone number for free today.

Customer receiving a text message - Texty Pro
THIS WEEK ONLY: get 25% off your takeout order at Moe's Tacos. Coupon code 42661.
Moe's Tacos - just now
OMG so sorry but I can't come to work tomorrow.
NO! Tomorrow's Saturday 🤦. Can anyone please cover for Riley?
Sorry sorry guys. My babysitter got sick.
Riley I got you. Jonathan - I'll cover for Riley tomorrow.
Hey Seth! You're life saver! 🙏🙏
1:1 or group chat with colleagues.

Communicate clearly for staff hiring and scheduling

Text with your current and potential staff using your restaurant's landline number via our business text messaging service to send out updates on scheduling, set up interviews, and deliver important reminders. Handle last minute rescheduling through our direct text messaging, without multiple calls and voicemails. Try texting for your restaurant business including pizzerias.

Boost social reviews through our business texting service

Request feedback or an honest review of your restaurant with a simple text message reminder that includes a direct link to the social platform. Follow through with less than ideal ratings by text to resolve customers' issues for improved brand image and awareness.

Business Text Messaging features for Restaurants

Increase customer satisfaction at your restaurant with Texty Pro

Text messaging for restaurants, caterers and food service companies is the most preferred channel for customers these days. It's casual, to the point, and doesn't disrupt the recipient from what they were doing. With Texty Pro, texting for restaurants is simple and straightforward. Send and receive reservation confirmations, cancellations, reminders, photos of mouth watering menu items, videos, and emojis just like you would on your mobile phone with friends but using your existing business number! See how you can benefit from business text messaging at your restaurant.

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Talk to more restaurant customers in less time

Texty Pro was built from the ground up for business landline texting with ease-of-use in mind for restaurants of all sizes.

Texty Pro Chat Icon

Text customers for seating, delivery and pickup updates

Quickly send seating updates for customers that are waiting at the restaurant, or send delivery and pickup updates.

Texty Pro MMS Icon

Upsell on online orders with mouth watering photos

Upsell on online orders by sending an MMS message to your customers with photos of delicious appetizers or side orders.

Texty Pro Team Icon

Increase staff productivity and engagement

Invite your staff to discuss matters in a direct message, private channels or collaborate on a customer texts with in-chat private notes.

Texty Pro - Work Icon

Get a birds eye view on all your text messages

Bring insight with shared inbox that allows every team member to see every text message sent and received with your landline number.

Texty Pro - Mobile Phone Icon

Text from a computer or on the go with our mobile app

Use your computer or download our mobile app to send & receive SMS text messages from your landline number from anywhere.

Texty Pro Chat Icon

Greet all your customers automatically

Let your customers know about your restaurant, ask for their name and information, or offer a welcome coupon automatically when they text you for the first time.

Reply automatically to all text messages during off-hours

Let your restaurant customers know your dining or holiday hours automatically when they text you during off hours.

Texty Pro Send SMS Icon

Message customers who haven't texted you recently

Automatically send your restaurant's special offers or greetings to all the customers that have not sent you a text message recently.

Texty Pro Calling Icon

Text using your restaurant's phone number

Don't confuse customers with a virtual text-only number. Text-enable your existing restaurant's VoIP/landline phone number instead.

Schedule all your reminder text messages

Save time in your busy mornings by scheduling your customer reminders and other outgoing text messages in advance.

Canned response icon - Texty Pro

Use canned responses for frequently asked questions

Send personalized text messages to your customers with just a few clicks using Texty Pro's SMS canned responses.


Business text messaging for restaurants - free for 14 days.

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We are aware that times are tough and getting tougher for many businesses. It is why we have reduced our subscription fees for our business texting service. You'll also get incoming SMS text messages for free. Get started with business text messaging for your growing business. Sign up now to lock in your savings of up to 28% off.

Have you ever felt like part of a family with your texting service??

That might sound odd, but David and his support staff actually listen to your feedback.
Features have already been added to Texty Pro I've never had with other texting services.

I look forward to being a part of the Texty Pro family for years to come!

Randy Hamilton
Texty Pro Business User

Love this company! This company is ALWAYS fast and friendly to work with, not to mention the Texty Pro program has been a game changer at work. We love this program and it is a added benefit that their customer service excels above and beyond!

Jennifer Haag
Texty Pro Business User

Our company (Design Tree Maintenance) has been using Texty Pro for several months now. The system is virtually flawless and when I did have a problem I received help within just a minuet or two after sending an email about my issue. Excellent service! Excellent Product!

Design Tree Maintenance
Texty Pro Business User

Great customer service and a system that is simple to integrate and use!!

Ivan P.
Texty Pro Business User

I had no clue about this company or the fact that our company used TextyPro. At first mention, our account had been suspended due to a payment issue. Not having a full grasp of the situation, I reached out to support with an SOS. I quickly got a call from David who was very kind and patient with me as he listened to my ranting of the whole matter. David then went over every aspect my problem in detail and offered helpful suggestions which assisted me in resolving the whole issue. Best Customer Service EVER!!!

Texty Pro Business User

We've been using texty pro for a full year now! We operate a lawn care business and use this service for coordinating with customers. It works great! Both using a web browser and the phone app. Support has been responsive immediately when needed.

Texty Pro Business User

Amazing Company. So accommodating and flexible. Highly recommend them. Quick responsive service.

Andy Ward
Texty Pro Business User

the customer service and platform are fantastic. I will choose a company first every time who has a genuine representative on the other line! Thank you David and the TP team!

Mandi Jenkins
Texty Pro Business User

The set up was instant. I did get a notification that it could take up to 24-hours to send and receive texts from our existing, web-based phone lines, but it took about 24 seconds. There was an immediate issue, which had me scared, but a representative was live (a half-hour before their normal hours of business) within a minute and kept me on the chat while their team of engineers untangled it, which took about 25 minutes. I was blown away at the live service and how ready their engineers were. So far, very impressed.

Nathan Heddleston
Texty Pro Business User

Great application to help with our business workflow. Better ability to reach customers through texting than actual phone calls. Great service!

Kunal Gupta
Texty Pro Business User

Very pleased with texty pro!

Miami Excellence Collision Center
Texty Pro Business User

Once we signed up with Texty Pro we were able to send and receive texts our regular landline telephone number. Very handy and easy to use!

Thom Thompson
Texty Pro Business User

amazing company and the employees

Felipe Soto
Texty Pro Business User


Texty Pro Business User

TextyPro is an awesome service! They are personable and are always a phone call or email away! Super helpful and the service is very easy to use for a busy business!

Kirstin Meeks
Texty Pro Business User

Just getting started but already impressed with the great customer service!

Jeni DeGeeter
Texty Pro Business User

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