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How to Text From a Landline Number in 2022

If you would like to send and receive text messages using a landline number, you can! Using a landline number and a computer, you can use a text messaging service to text-enable your phone number. Perfect for businesses with existing local landline numbers.

With a landline number, you may have been limited to making and receiving calls. It is now possible to text from a landline number, even using your existing phone number. Instead of only using phone calls and voicemails, you can send and receive SMS and MMS (text and picture messages). Text messaging is efficient and convenient for all kinds of interactions and conversations. From personal to business, users prefer text messaging for quick communication. 

Text enabling your landline can be very helpful for businesses who already have and use a landline number. Your business can continue using your current landline number, with the benefits of both calls and text messaging. You can still provide customers with personal and friendly service by text and phone. Boost and modernize your customer service with the addition of text messaging; more and more patrons are tech-savvy and like customer service options. In this post, we cover different options, some terms you need to know, and uses for texting from a landline number.

Text messaging service

A text messaging service allows you to send and receive text messages without a separate mobile service. With a computer or smartphone, you can access your text messaging service. Some services allow you to use your current phone number, while others offer a new number for text messaging. Depending on your needs and budget, some services may best fit what you are looking for. There are a few types of phone numbers; text messaging services offer different numbers with different benefits. 

Rescheduling via text message sent to a Landline Number using Texty Pro Business Texting and Team Collaboration Service

Local numbers are your everyday phone numbers that begin with a local area code. Most people use and contact others using local numbers. People use local numbers for both landline and mobile phone numbers. Landline numbers can only utilize voice calls unless they are text-enabled. A text messaging service can use your existing phone number or some provide another number to use for text messaging. A local number can be text-enabled in minutes, and ready to use right away.

Short code numbers are four, five, or six-digit long numbers often used by large companies. They are compatible with SMS and MMS, and often used for sending mass messages for general alerts and verification codes. They are automated messages, often with a keyword you can reply with to opt-out of receiving more messages. The short nature of the number makes it easier to remember, but businesses can only use them for text messaging. The short code is different from the landline number, often unrelated and sometimes not unique. Companies use short code for automated one-way communication, as a way for businesses to communicate with customers. Customers can usually only reply with certain keywords to get an automated prompt in return. 

Toll-free numbers start with a code such as 800, 888, et cetera. Large companies most often use them for customer service calls. This allows customers to place calls, possibly long-distance, without incurring charges. The business handles the call charges as well as the cost for the toll-free phone number. Like local numbers, toll-free numbers are for voice calls and can be text-enabled for text messaging use.

Business landline texting

If you have a landline number for your business, you can text enable your existing landline number. For small businesses, a text messaging service like Texty Pro can provide you with an easy-to-use platform for your computer or smartphone. For your business, no matter the size, you can use one number for both calls and text messages. Many business owners rely on a landline number for their business. Using a text messaging service allows your phone number to work across platforms. 

Replying to a Text Message Received on a Landline Number using Texty Pro Business Texting and Team Collaboration Service

With an over 90% open rate, text messages beat emails for customer service and marketing. Looking at the statistics, we can see the wide use of texting across the United States. Users continue to use texting as a major source of digital communication and see text messages as easy-to-read contact. Most users read text messages soon after receiving, unlike emails and voicemails that users push aside and sometimes forget. The short nature of text messages lets customers easily read a message that gets to the point. 

Texty Pro Requirements 

To use your local landline number for business texting, Texty Pro offers just that. Follow the simple sign-up process to try our text messaging service free for 2 weeks. For more details about requirements and help with the signup process, view our post on starting or sign up directly on our website. To use your phone number, it must be a U.S. landline number. You can visit our website on any computer with your credentials and our app is available for iOS or Android.

How to text from a landline number for your business

Once you have created an account with a text messaging service, you are able to text from a landline number. With Texty Pro, log in to your computer at and download our iOS or Android apps. Sending a text is as simple as inputting a phone number and typing a message. It is as effortless as sending a text message on your mobile device. Adding your contacts and adjusting the settings makes future messaging easy and intuitive. Sign in to make sure your devices notify you wherever you are. 

Business Owner Texting with Customers using Texty Pro Business Texting and Team Collaboration Service

Be mindful of best practices while using SMS; ensure your marketing and customer service are appropriate. Reaching willing, loyal, and curious customers will be most successful and worth the effort. If messages become too bothersome, users will want to opt out of receiving all future messages. Be aware of the time of day, frequency, and content you are sending. Read our guide on ten rules for texting with customers to see how to create professional text messages. 

To text from a landline number today, add Texty Pro’s text messaging service free for 14-days. All you need is your local landline number and a computer or smartphone to enable texting. Keep your number and brand recognition with a simple text messaging service. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.