2024 Business Texting Statistics

General texting and business texting statistics show how important texting is in our current landscape. Text messages added to business can benefit customer service for both customers and the business.
January 8, 2024
2024 Business Texting Statistics

Texting Statistics

A few general texting stats show us the current trend upward of texting as communication in the last decade. Across the globe text and other messaging apps are at the top of personal contact by phone. Texting’s quick and direct nature makes it ideal for efficient correspondence. Texting is immediate as well as used for non-urgent and casual conversations. This allows for a wide range of uses and interactions happening through text messages every day.


General text messaging statistics:

  • Text messages are most often read within the first few minutes of being received. (1)
  • Americans look at their phone over 200 times throughout the day on average. (2)
  • Smartphone users open their phones almost 60 times per day. (3)
  • Text messages are read at a rate of 98% after only minutes of receiving. (4)
  • There are over 280 million smartphone users in the U.S. (5)
  • The open rate of text messages is estimated to be over 90%. (6)
  • Email open rate for marketing email sits at only 20%. (7)
  • Over 90% of the U.S. population uses texting at least once a day. (8)
  • Users report messaging as the number one use of smartphones, surpassing both phone calls and email. (9)
  • 83% of Millennials open their text messages within 90 seconds of receiving. (10)
  • Texting was 3-8x more preferred over face-to-face contact. (11)

Texting Statistics for Business

Texting for business has become increasingly popular among the many methods of communication. Many businesses are enabling texting through local, toll-free, and short code numbers. With landline-enabled texting, you can use your current U.S. landline phone number to send and receive text messages as your business. With personal business texting, your messages are not just automated; customers can directly interact with you and your staff.

Business texting statistics:

  • Customers prefer the convenience of text messaging above making or receiving phone calls. (12)
  • Nearly half of text messaging campaigns saw a positive ROI. Adding email and social media made over 50% successful. (4)
  • 67% of people prefer organizing by texting a business to a call or email; while 68% of businesses say they currently use texting for customer contact. (12)
  • Text messaging engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email. (13)
  • Most people still prefer conversational messages over talking to an automated bot or using one-way texting. (12)
  • When sent a survey by text, over 30% respond. On average, the response was received in minutes. (4)
  • For those who have received text messages from businesses, 85% say they would like to be able to reply directly to the business number. (11)
  • 67% of people prefer organizing by texting a business to making a call or emailing them. (12)
  • Calls from businesses or unrecognized numbers are often unanswered, leaving the customer to follow up. (12)
  • 46% of customers book appointments outside business hours online. (14)
  • 71% of customers that do not return report it is because of poor customer service. (15)
  • Over 60% of consumers do not want to install a new app for messaging. (12)

To text-enable, your business’ landline number, sign up with Texty Pro. Try Texty Pro with a 14-day free trial, start sending and receiving text messages with your current U.S. landline phone number.


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