2024 Guide to Transferring Your Landline Texting

Are you looking for a new platform for your business texting? Whether you have an existing texting service or if you would like to try texting with your landline number, Texty Pro is ready to work for you.
June 5, 2024
2024 Guide to Transferring Your Landline Texting2024 Guide to Transferring Your Landline Texting

We know there are many options out there for texting. We built Texty Pro to provide businesses with a truly helpful platform for texting from your computer. Making landline texting available and accessible for local small businesses and nationwide companies. We want to provide an all-in-one platform for communicating with your customers and colleagues. With small plans for single users to team plans with collaborating members, our plans can work for a multitude of unique users. 

Texty Pro offers simple and reliable landline texting. Perfect for beginners to those experienced with landline texting; our platform is straightforward and easy to use. We do require that your phone number is a U.S. landline phone number. We cannot provide our service for mobile numbers or numbers outside of the United States. Access your account on any computer via browser, or smartphone via our iOS and Android apps. There is no other software needed or setup required. Once you create an account with a valid phone number, you are ready for both incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. 

Our plan options are listed on our pricing page. Plans start at less than $1 a day with a free 14-day trial. There is no contract or commitment, you are free to change your plan or cancel at any time. We also offer custom plans for those who need special messaging requirements. You can text us at (650) 254-8131, chat with us online via our website, or email us at support@xedia.net. 

Signing up with landline texting

If you currently do not use your landline number for texting, we can get you started right away. Sign up on our website to start your free 14-day trial of Texty Pro. In most cases, text enabling your phone number will take less than a minute. You will be able to send and receive text messages right after signing up. If you are unable to send or receive messages, it may take a little more time. If any issue persists, contact us so we can analyze your account. You should not need to contact your carrier during the process. Texting from a computer is as simple as texting from a cell phone. The only requirements are a computer or smartphone. Sign in on our website or with our mobile apps for iOS and Android

Creating an account is easy. Select a plan that looks like the best fit. This can always be changed depending on your needs and usage. Provide an email and landline phone number. You will receive an automated verification call on your landline number with a code to enter. We do require you to add your billing information. You will not be charged during the trial period. Your free trial comes with 200 messages and 14 days. You can cancel before your trial period ends if you would no longer like to use our service. The trial gives you full access to your text-enabled number and features included in the selected plan. 

Transferring your existing service

If you currently have a business text messaging service, you can transfer your texting to Texty Pro without any hassle. Keep the same phone number and only migrate your texting services. There should be no interruption to your messaging during the process. Texty Pro does not obstruct any phone calls, only SMS and MMS will be routed to your Texty Pro account. All new messages will be saved and accessible in your account. 

The signup process will be the same as listed above for new accounts. In most instances, it takes less than a minute. Some accounts may take a few hours until your number is ready to use. It may take longer for your number to be transferred if you currently have it in use with another service. When transferring from another texting service it may take up to 24 hours to transfer your number to our system. During the transitioning stage, your current provider should remain working until the system is fully routed to Texty Pro. Notify us when signing up so we can monitor your account and we can alert you when completed. We will ensure you receive your 14-day trial from your operational start. 

If you have any concerns after creating your account, we are available by text, website chat, and email. If you would like to try out Texty Pro but your number is in use, contact us about a demo account. Get firsthand experience with our platform and features. 

Test your new features

Team plans are available for those who want multiple user accounts. Connect with team chat; use both direct messages and private channels to collaborate with coworkers and manage projects. Multi-user accounts allow you to assign SMS conversations to users directly. Some of our plans include message forwarding and private channels. Set up your Texty Pro account with your preferred settings. Choose which auto-replies you want to enable and customize them. Add your business hours to notify customers of your hours automatically. 

More features are still to come; we are currently developing many more features for our users. We are actively working on more features to grow your texting abilities and make texting easier for your everyday business. We are continuing to improve your experience and expand the possibilities with landline texting. If you are looking for specific features, please contact us. We can contact you again when we have added features in which you have shown interest. 

Landline texting is a great inclusion for today’s businesses. Almost necessary for many business interactions, texting has quickly become paramount. Customers and businesses alike are favoring text messaging for its efficient nature. Continue landline texting without missing a beat. Migrate your phone number with ease and begin with a free trial. We are always here to help you with your texting needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or visit our FAQ page for more information. You can text us at (650) 254-8131, chat with us online via our website, or email us at support@xedia.net.

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