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Best Text Messages to Drive Customer Action

Gain customer attention with business text messages. With offers and reminders, you can boost your interactions and build returning customers by text message. With a text message service you can even text-enable your business’ landline phone number.

Maintaining an active customer base is important in gaining returning customers. Keeping customers engaged with your business and aware of current events will attract more business. Text messaging, as opposed to calls and emails, allow both staff and customers to efficiently send and receive updates, with little interruption to daily activities. Use a text message service to drive customers to check out and engage with your business. At Texty Pro, we offer a text message service that allows your business to use it’s current landline number for incoming and outgoing SMS. Using a computer or smartphone you can send, receive, and manage business inquires 

How to use a text message service to keep in touch with inactive customers

Send special offers and discounts by text

With a text message service for business, provide your sales details and new coupons direct to customers’ phones. As most people read text messages within minutes of receiving, customers can act on limited-time offers when they are first available. Try new offers for your restaurant, store, or salon and check out how else texting can help your business.

Text reminders, new releases, and restock updates

For important updates such as an anticipated new release or long-awaited restocks, customers can receive an immediate text message. With exclusive information, customers can jump on new releases right away. See how Texty Pro can benefit your store by visiting our retail page.

Request reviews and completed surveys

Gain insight from customers by sending a survey after service or request customers add reviews for your business. Sending a short message will prompt customers to leave a review, and linking your business page can make it even easier and more likely they will leave a review.

Get started with a free 14-day trial of Texty Pro’s text messaging service for businesses. Use your current landline phone number and a computer or smartphone to enable texting with Texty Pro. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android.