Can’t Send Text Messages? Learn Why Your Text Messages Are Not Getting Delivered

Have you ever sent text messages to your customers and later find out that your customers never received the text? You’d expect that something as simple as an SMS text message in this day of age would be delivered with a 100% success rate. The truth is, it’s a little more complicated. Here are some reasons why your text messages are not getting delivered.
June 24, 2022
Can’t Send Text Messages? Learn Why Your Text Messages Are Not Getting Delivered

Why Are My Text Messages Not Sending?

There are many reasons as to why your messages are not sending. Before we start getting into the many reasons, let’s look at the basics first.

How Does Sms Text Messages Work?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a text messaging service component of a most mobile phone systems that uses standard communication protocols to allow devices to exchange short text messages (160 characters per each SMS). When sending an SMS text message from a mobile phone, the text is transmitted from the sender’s device to a cell tower nearby. That cell tower hands off the SMS text message to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC). The SMSC checks where the recipient is and hands off the text message to the cell tower nearest to the recipient’s device.

Cell tower transmitting SMS Text Messages

How Does Sms Text Messages Work With a Landline Phone?

Landline Texting or Text-to-landline is a text messaging service that allows anyone with a landline phone number to sign up and text using that landline phone number. The only difference between sending a text message using a landline phone number and texting from your mobile phone is quite simple. To exchange text messages using your landline phone number, you’ll need a computer or any device with an internet connection as your landline phone itself cannot send or receive SMS text messages due to hardware limitations.

How Can I Send Text Messages Using My Landline Number?

To text with a landline number, sign up to a business text messaging service and text-enable the landline number. Once the number is text-enabled, simply sign in to the text message dashboard to send and receive text messages with your customers. You can also download the business text messaging app to send and receive texts using your landline number away from your computer.

Reasons Why Your Texts Are Not Sending

Read below to learn why your text messages are not being delivered to the recipients.

No new text messages

Carriers Flagged Your Message As Spam

CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) is a trade organization for the wireless industry that includes members such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more that creates messaging principles & best practices to protect consumers from unwanted messages. In recent years, they have started to further protect subscribers from fraud, spam and abuses.

Each of the mobile service carriers use a different criteria for blocking messages flagged as spam but they do share certain principles outlined by the CTIA

Below are some reasons why your messages are being flagged as spam:

  • You’re sending too many text messages that contain the same content
  • You’re sending too many messages in a short amount of time
  • You’re sending text messages that are too long
  • You’re sending text messages that contain prohibited content
  • You’re sending html links using URL shorteners

Incorrect Phone Number/Messaging Classification

Text messages fall under 2 categories: P2P (person-to-person messaging) and A2P (application-to-person messaging) messaging. A2P messaging is defined as two-way conversational text messages between 2 people. P2P messaging is defined as text messages sent from an application to a person. 

If you are categorized as P2P and your messages are not delivering, you may want to change your classification as A2P and register your business, organization, or brand with the TCR (The Campaign Registry) to be verified and approved to send texts to all mobile carriers.

The Recipient Blocked Your Phone Number

In rare instances, a recipient may block your phone number or report you to their mobile phone carrier if you keep sending unsolicited text messages.

The Text Message Contains Prohibited Content

Text messages with prohibited content such as S.H.A.F.T. (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco) will be blocked by the mobile carriers.

You’re Texting Another Landline

You may be texting a landline that is not text-enabled.

Your Recipient Has Network or Billing Issues

Your text message recipient may be out of range from the cell towers or suspended due to billing issues.

Texting With Customers Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Hopefully, this article helped you understand why your messages aren’t sending and what you can do to make sure your messages are being delivered. If you have any questions, please feel free to text us from our support page.

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