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Conversational Text Messaging for Businesses

Make texting work for your business with conversational texting. With two-way business text messaging, you can easily connect with your customers and clients.

Conversational text messaging is two-way personal messaging through SMS. Text messages sent conversationally allow for natural interactions beyond what keywords can provide. Using conversational text messaging for your business can provide an easy and convenient way for customers to communicate with your business. 

Text messaging can work for your business depending on your needs. Find what your business needs for the best communication with your customers, clients, and employees. With conversational text messaging, you can provide a wide array of services specific to your business. You can reach out to customers with special marketing messages to which customers can directly respond. Create personalized messages for better sales interactions. Clarify specific customer questions and handle special inquiries straight away. 

Automated text messaging 

Contrasting with conversational messages, automated messages can provide some basic information. Some types of business text messaging involve only automated messaging. For messages concerning confirmations and codes, automated messaging works for one-way messaging. Customers can trigger keyword-based messages using only specific keywords. These keywords can only provide some support to customers before needing additional help. 

Mixing automated messages with two-way text messaging may be a good fit for your business. Use automated messages to filter customer needs, qualify leads, and start conversations. When customers engage, you can continue the conversations with direct messages from your staff. Taking the lead from the automated messages, you can proceed with individual and personal support. 

Conversational messaging for customer service

You can provide detail and thorough customer support with direct contact with your customers. When customers reach out to your business, your attention is important. Providing your expertise through text message exchange is a quick method of customer support. With two-way texting, conversations can naturally flow to assist your customers' needs. Text messaging is convenient for fast and asynchronous conversations. Both users do not have to be available at the same time to have an ongoing text conversation. 

Conversational messaging for sales

Create a good relationship through direct communication with clients. Building familiarity and trust through business text messaging may not seem ideal, but more people today are using texting as a main source of contact. Phone calls and emails may be a perfect way to accompany text messages. Depending on the content and immediacy needed, choose the best contact method. Text messages are a good way for businesses to reach customers. Text messages do not interrupt customers’ days and they rarely ignore incoming text messages unlike phone calls and emails. Manage your relationships with texting throughout the sales cycle, from qualifying leads to closing a deal. Text messaging may be the perfect way to keep in contact with your customers over time. All with your business’ and employees’ unique voices.

Messaging employees & business contacts

Keep in touch with your employees with business text messaging. Use your business’s landline phone number for professional contact, even with text messages. Schedule meetings, send reminders, and get confirmations within your company. Contact one person or multiple people at once with mass messaging. With a text-enabled business number and a business texting service like Texty Pro, you can text with any mobile number. Recipients do not need any additional app; they will receive messages in their phone’s native text app. 

Communicate by text message while hiring. You can easily contact potential employees to schedule interviews using your business phone number. Personally follow-up with text messages after interviews or meetings. With your conversational messaging, you can continue chatting as needed. Use your existing landline phone number for reaching many of your business contacts. You can text partners, vendors, and sellers with your landline number. 

To text directly with customers, clients, and staff, sign up for Texty Pro and start your 14-day free trial. With our website and apps, you can send and receive business text messages wherever you are. For more questions about business texting with Texty Pro, read our FAQ and support page. Business landline text messaging allows your business to use your current landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your calls. Use business text messaging on your computer and phone for convenient access when you need it. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.