Download a Business Text Messaging App for 2024

A business texting app can help you manage your customer inquiries anywhere. Send and receive text messages with your landline number on your smartphone today.
January 8, 2024
Download a Business Text Messaging App for 2024

Business texting or business text messaging is a useful addition to your existing contact methods. With more businesses using SMS texting each year, customers are preferring text messaging over traditional phone calls. A texting service allows you to use your existing landline phone number for sending and receiving text messages as well. Once your landline number is text-enabled, you can access your messages and messaging features from your computer as well as an app. 

With a business text messaging app, you can take your business number on the go. Send and receive text messages using your smartphone and your existing landline phone number. For small businesses, keeping on top of customer service can be challenging or inconvenient. Landline texting is in arm's reach with a business text messaging app. Texty Pro offers landline texting both on the web and with our iOS and Android apps. With desktop and mobile access, you can keep on top of your messages where it is most convenient.  

On-the-go portable customer service

For small businesses, maintaining good customer service is important. Growing connections can be a great benefit to your business. With a business text messaging app, you can stay in contact with customers, suppliers, and employees all while using your business phone number. Using a business texting app, you can freely leave your computer without missing any messages. All the features available on the website are also in both iOS and Android apps. Reply to customers promptly with mobile notifications. 

Easy to use

With an intuitive design, you can easily text just like on your phone’s native texting app. You can send messages, reply, view new messages, and look at ongoing conversations. All your new and recent conversations are visible right on top of the app as soon as you sign in. See a quick overview of all your conversations and select one to see it in its entirety. Using the icons switch views between your messages, contacts, and settings. Texty Pro offers both iOS and Android apps with simple straightforward messaging interfaces.

Mobile push notifications

Receive new messages as push notifications instantly on your phone. Whether you are away from a computer or just using your smartphone, the app can notify you of new messages. Provide immediate customer service for important inquiries or simple questions when you are away from a computer. Keep track of your unread messages with a counter right on the app when closed. You can also enable message forwarding, which forwards all incoming messages to a mobile number. 

Customize your settings

You can change your account settings anytime using your business texting app. You can edit your business hours, and auto-replies easily within the app. Updating your business hours during holidays allows after-hours auto-replies to notify customers of your current closures. With after-hour auto-replies, you can inform customers your business is currently closed. Incoming messages outside you receive of your business hours will automatically receive a message letting the sender know you are currently closed. 

For more questions about business texting with Texty Pro, read our FAQ and support page. Get started with your local landline number for a free 14-day trial. Business landline text messaging allows your business to use your current landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your calls. Use business text messaging on your computer and phone for convenient access when you need it. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.

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