How to Add a Click-to-Text Link on Your Website That Sends an SMS Text Message

Have you ever clicked on a phone number while browsing the web and your phone asked if you wanted to call that number? You can now do the same with SMS text messages. With a short HTML snippet, you will be able to create a link that automatically opens the mobile phone’s standard SMS texting app with your phone number already added.
January 16, 2023
How to Add a Click-to-Text Link on Your Website That Sends an SMS Text Message

What is Click to Text?

A click to text is a very convenient way to get your website visitors to send you a text instead of calling your business. When clicked, a click-to-text link or a button will allow your website visitors to easily send you a text message from their mobile phone. Click-to-Text links and buttons are preferred over the widgets that asks your website visitors to fill out a form to start texting.

How Does Click to Text Work?

A click to text can either be a link or a button on your website that when clicked, will allow the person to send a text message to any phone number you add.

If you are reading this blog from your mobile phone, try tapping on the button below to see how a click to text button or a link works.

How can I add click to text on my website?

Adding a Click-to-Text link or a button on a website is quite simple. All you have to do is drop a short HTML snippet in the body of your website. Take a look at the click to text button and link HTML snippets below.

Add a Click to Text Button

<a style="padding:8px 16px; border-radius: 8px; background-color: blue; color: white;" href="sms:+12125550690?&body=Hi. My name is">
    Text Us

Add a Click to Text Link

<a style="color: blue;" href="sms:+12125550690&body=Hi. My name is">
    Text Us

There are 3 sections in the snippets that must be updated for it to work on your website.


  • Phone Number: replace 12125550690 with your own business landline/VoIP phone number that you want visitors to send a text to.


  • Body: replace Hi. My name is with any text content you want add automatically to the text message.
  • Label: replace Text Us with any label your website visitors will see and click.

What Phone Number Should I Use in the Click-to-Text Link?

The best phone number to use is your existing business phone number. In the past, texting using a landline number was a very difficult and expensive luxury that only corporations could afford but now, any businesses can send and receive text messages from their existing landline or a VoIP phone number. All you need is an existing landline or a VoIP phone number and a device with internet connection like the one you're using to read this blog post.

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