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How to Provide Order Updates in 2021

Use text messaging to update customers about orders, completed services, deliveries, and tracking numbers. With the convenience and immediacy of text messages, customers will receive your business' updates on the go.

Calls can often go unanswered, leaving important order updates unclear if the customer received. Text messages are the best way to deliver time-sensitive notifications to customers. A text message direct to a customer's texting app is an easy way to update them on information about their order. For real time updates, text messaging delivers the important details directly to customers wherever they are. 2021 requires more managing orders and updating customers in real time, an ideal use for texting.

Updates to text your customers

Update customers when their order is ready for pick up

For pickup orders, a straightforward text message from your business will alert customers when their order is ready. A quick text message to the customer’s phone number is the simplest and most convenient way to send and receive a time-sensitive notification. It takes less time than a phone call for you and the customer to send and receive a text message. Giving updates by text helps customers to show up on time.

Update customers when their order leaves for delivery

Make sure customers are ready to accept the delivery when it arrives. Safely delivering their item provides less chance for items to go unnoticed, forgotten, or stolen. Comforting customers with the knowledge that their items or food are on track to show up at their door.

Provide customers with their tracking number

Whenever possible, provide customers with the tracking number by text. Having their tracking number in their texting app makes it easy to check and return to for future reference. Customers can respond directly to your message with any questions or issues they come across. With personal text messaging, your business handles this conversation.

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