How to Send Text Messages from a Computer to a Cell Phone

Can you send text messages from a computer to a cell phone? Yes, you can. You can also text photos from a computer. Sending an SMS text message from your computer requires that you are subscribed to texting service that would allow you to send text messages from a computer to any cell phone number using your landline number.
April 19, 2022
How to Send Text Messages from a Computer to a Cell PhoneHow to Send Text Messages from a Computer to a Cell Phone

SMS Text Messages for Business

SMS text messages for business: How can I send it using a computer?

When you send a text message from a computer, the recipient on a cell phone will receive an SMS text message that will be no different than a text message that was sent from another cell phone. Text messaging is the preferred way of communication in today's world for just about everyone due to many reasons including convenience. Did you know that only 48% of all phone calls in received in America will are answered? Rates for call-backs to people who leave voicemails are even lower. Many people spend days or even weeks before responding to their voicemails.

According to recent text messaging statistics, 85 percent of customers prefer text messaging above any other kind of communication. In addition, text messages are opened and read 98 percent of the time. Consequently, failing to join the business text chain would be a wasted opportunity for you as a business. The question remains, however, how do you text from a computer when you just have a landline.

Signing up to a business text messaging system has become simpler than ever, and it has already been shown to be a valuable resource for organizations of all sizes and sorts. You have the ability to send text message notifications to consumers about special events or specials, as well as confirm scheduled appointments.

It is essential that you understand how to text from a computer using a landline phone in order to stay up with the fast-paced changes in the world and methods of communicating with consumers.

Send Text from Computer

Is sending a text from a computer the same as sending it from a cell phone?

Sending a text from a computer is a now a popular channel for businesses to communicate with customers nowadays as more and more businesses are starting to see the benefits of texting with customers. Sending a text to a computer is no different than sending a text to a mobile number. Sending text from computer means that you’ll need a phone number to text from which is different than sending a text from a cell phone as a cell phone service already provides a mobile number. The good news is that you can just use your existing landline number you’ve been using to talk to customers. A landline texting service does not require any changes to your phone service as it is independent of your phone carrier. Text messages will not interfere with your phone calls at all. You’ll be able to talk on the phone while sending and receiving business text messages. Additionally, no special hardware is necessary to text from a computer. You can text from a landline using any computer or mobile device including the one you’re using to read this article.

It is really simple to start sending text messages from your landline by provisioning your landline number for messaging with a landline texting service such as Texty Pro. Texty Pro will text-enable your landline number in a matter of minutes, allowing you to send and receive text messages with great convenience from your computer. Get started free for 14 days right now by visiting

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How to Text from Computer

Before you can start texting with customers using your landline number on a computer, you probably should understand how landline texting works in general. It's important to note, first and foremost, that you will not get text messages on your landline phone but rather on a website from a computer or a mobile device with the Texty Pro mobile app installed.

It is your landline phone number that will get both text messages and calls, and although calls will be routed to your landline phone, business text messages will be routed to a text messaging service and accessed through a website on any computer or a mobile app. Being able to receive SMS messages and read and reply to them on a computer is far more convenient than texting from a mobile phone as you’ll be able to type more comfortably along with other benefits such as being able to login on multiple devices to text together with your staff or replying automatically to messages received during off-hours.

Benefits of Texting from Computer

·   Business text messaging is now the most popular channel of communication for consumers. They prefer the convenience of communicating with businesses by SMS text messages and they definitely prefer receiving text messages over phone calls or emails.

·   Text messaging from a landline phone is a must have. If you are not texting with your customers, you will almost certainly lose them to your competitors.

·   Texting from a landline phone is presently the most effective marketing method compared to emails and phone calls

·   Providing landline texting to customers increases the likelihood that they will have a favorable image of a company and its customer service.

·   A text-enabled business number allows clients to contact a company at their leisure, rather than just during office hours or when normal phone customer care is available.

·   The process of setting up landline texting is fast and straightforward. It enables you to preserve your current company telephone number instead of having to get a virtual text-only number.

·   Texting from a landline may assist organizations in collaborating with other firms, managing processes, and searching through discussions.

·   Landline texting is time-saving and effective since it enables the company owner or employee to reply to a customer’s  text message whenever it is most convenient for them.

·   Texting from a landline allows for more sophisticated scheduling and centralized messaging.

·   The ability to send and receive text messages via a landline using a business texting service allows teams to communicate using any connected device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Text Messaging Service Small Business

Small business may reap significant benefits by texting with customers using a business texting software. Texting is four times more popular than sending emails, according to statistics. Additionally, texting is a convenient communication method for small business owners, as it allows them to react whenever it is convenient for them, rather than having to drop everything to answer a client's phone call when it is convenient for them. Text messaging service for small business makes it easy for business owners to start texting with customers.

When sending text messages, some businesses use alternate phone numbers, which may be problematic since the other numbers aren't known by their customers. Instead, it's ideal to use the same landline number that will be readily recognized by the consumer and more likely to get a response. Texting from a landline can also enhance a company's customer service and retention, as well as save time and boost productivity. Furthermore, in the corporate sector, landline texting is now the most popular trend, and staying on top of the latest trends is essential for being relevant.

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Best Business Texting Software

The best business texting software is reliable, affordable, easy to use and allows business staff to collaborate with each other to offer a great experience to their customers. If you've been living under a rock, here's some good news for you: text messages are preferred over phone calls. However, this does not imply that customers are only utilizing text messaging to communicate with their friends and family. The vast majority of customers text businesses to schedule appointments and make other arrangements. Because 90 percent of text messages are read within three seconds of being sent, SMS messaging is a very efficient and effective method of communicating with your customers.

Text with Customers from a Computer Today

Sending text messages to your customers is not something that should be pushed off to a later date. Your competitors are already taking advantage of this fast and simple method of improving customer experience, and you should do the same to stay competitive. With a few simple steps, you can begin sending text messages to your customers from a phone number they are already familiar with and trust: your current landline. Start business texting for free.

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