How to Text from a Computer

It is possible to send and receive text messages using a computer. Use your personal landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your phone calls. See all your messages right in your browser of choice.
December 8, 2022
How to Text from a Computer

How to Send A Text From Your Computer

If you would like to send and receive text messages using your computer, you can use Texty Pro to get started today. We will text-enable your landline phone number so that you can send a text from your computer. Text-enabling means the number is able to send and receive text messages unlike a standard landline number. Once your number is text-enabled, landline text messaging is as simple as regular mobile SMS. You will be able to access it on any computer using our website. 

Text from a computer

For a text-enabled landline number, you do not need a new phone or phone number. You can use your existing landline phone number for text messaging use. Using your computer or smartphone, you can text from your current devices to any other mobile or text-enabled number. Landline texting offers the same abilities as standard text messaging with both SMS text messaging and MMS picture messaging. We will text-enable your existing landline phone number making it ready for texting right away. 

Landline texting

With a landline phone number, you can easily use your own phone number for text messaging right on your computer. A landline phone number can now offer more than just calls. You can continue to use your landline number for phone calls; text messages will not affect any calls made with the same number. 

Landline texting allows you to use an existing landline phone number for text messaging. Using your existing number can be easier for ongoing communication. With one phone number for calls and text messages, a landline number can be used similarly to a cell phone. No need to contact your phone provider when adding landline texting. We will handle your SMS and MMS messages without interrupting your phone calls. With your computer and landline phone number, you are ready to text-enable your number. 

How to text from a computer

A texting service such as Texty Pro will provide a platform to send and receive text messages. Our texting service will text-enable a landline phone number so that you send a text from landline number. We offer different plans depending on your needs. All Texty Pro plans include hundreds of SMS and MMS text messages per month. Creating a Texty Pro account allows you to text-enable a landline number to use immediately for text messaging. The simple and straightforward design lets you easily send text messages from your computer and read incoming messages. 

Text from a computer with Texty Pro

Text to landline service

Texty Pro allows sending and receiving texts messages using a landline number and is available on your computer right in your browser. It works with all modern browsers with no need to download any additional software to your computer. Signing in on any computer allows access to your messages and messaging platform. Our straightforward texting platform allows you to easily navigate incoming messages and see whole conversations in one place. 

You can also text from a smartphone with our iOS and Android apps. This allows you to text from your phone with a number other than your cell phone number. You will receive notifications on your phone just like a native text message. You can send new messages and replies from the app and your computer.  

To text-enable your landline number check our plan offerings to sign up. With a landline texting platform, you can text with your existing phone number. Texty Pro offers many features to help you start landline texting today. With our 14-day free trial, you can see how easy texting from your computer can be. Once you have signed up, you can access your account on any computer and use our iOS and Android apps. Give landline texting for business a try today!

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