Improve Member Collaboration with Team Chat

Generate efficient communication between your employees with simple team communication. Built into Texty Pro’s customer texting platform, team chat allows users to communicate with other members right on the same website. Not only can you send and receive text messages from customers, but your team can collaborate while sending and receiving text messages.
July 14, 2022
Improve Member Collaboration with Team ChatImprove Member Collaboration with Team Chat

Our conversational text messaging platform offers chat features for your business. With private messaging between members and teams, business communication is increasingly easy. Stay in sync with your team members while getting work done. As simple as sending a text, business messaging is made for your workplace. No hassle keeping up on email threads. With channels, include all the relevant members and never worry about forgetting someone again.  

Perfect for teams, the collaborative features of Texty Pro allow more members to text with one landline phone number. Create your account with your existing landline phone number to text-enable your business number. Once you are text-enabled, you can not only send and receive text messages but also send private messages between team members. A team plan creates a platform for your business to communicate with each other and customers in one place. 

For Small to Large Businesses 

Create your online workplace no matter the size or type of business you have. With Texty Pro, connect all your members through our online platform. Add your employees, all under one business account. Your owner account enables text messaging on your landline phone number. All invited members then have access to text messaging within Texty Pro using your text-enabled number. Team chat also creates space for all members to communicate between themselves with internal messaging. Easily connect with individuals, teams, and customers right from your web browser. 

Organized Communication with Channels 

Keep the messages relevant and flowing with channels, the best way to organize your workspace communication. With dedicated groups and topics, all members can easily follow pertinent updates. Create a channel for customer service and create another for cross-department communication. Communicate with your members to stay on top of multiple projects. Questions, answers, updates, and images can all be organized into appropriate channels aiding in quick and relevant interactions. 

Create a channel for specific departments or smaller teams. A channel dedicated to customer service will help users organize across different service platforms, like text messaging, phone calls, emails, and social media. Within this channel, all users can quickly ask questions to other users or provide information relevant to those members. Talk directly about ongoing text conversations in Texty Pro that need assistance. Let other members know when you can take over a current customer interaction.  

Organize current projects into different channels. Include all members related to the project to cut out unneeded notifications for everyone. Keep track of relevant updates with saved messages accessible in your browser or smartphone from anywhere. 

Quickly Chat with Direct Messaging

When you need to talk to a coworker, direct messaging is a fast and effective solution. Without calls interrupting a person’s day or missed email messages, direct messages can be initiated and replied to within seconds. Direct messages also do not need to be exclusively between just two members, they just need at least one other member to get started. When a user does not need to create a channel, they can still create a direct message with a group of members. These messages are not categorized with a name but show the users included. Only the included members see the direct message channel and messages. 

Direct messages let you message coworkers without downloading any other software or application onto your computers. When signed in to a member’s Texty Pro account on most available browsers, you will be able to access all the texting and private messaging features. A direct message is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with your coworkers. 

Message Faster than Email

Connect quickly with your coworkers with instant messaging on Texty Pro. With no formal writing requirements needed, messaging can be used for quick engagements such as simple questions or verifications. Messaging in Texty Pro has easy-to-follow threads, unlike emails. Messages include dates and timestamps for easy identification and you can view past messages in their context. Your unread messages for internal team communication show separately from unread text messages. You can easily identify new messages and act upon them accordingly. No specific application needs to be open; you can message with Texty Pro right in your browser or in our mobile apps. 

Valuable for Remote Communication 

With remote work, coworkers can connect quickly and easily using online communication. With team chat features, working separately does not have to isolate users. Options for internal communication right on the same platform as text messaging make it an all-in-one platform for communication. Send reminders or set up meetings for specific teams or projects in a channel. Arrange information across time zones and talk to users without relying on video calls and emails. 

To try Texty Pro’s team and text communication, sign up for a free 14-day trial. With a team plan, you can integrate text messaging and private business messaging into one place online. Text-enable your landline phone number by creating an account. Invite your employees to create profiles allowing them to interact with customers and one another under your one business account. You can send a text to anyone with a text-enabled phone number and send a direct message to a team member. Using our website and our iOS and Android apps, you can access your messages from anywhere.

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