How To

Positive Steps for Helping Unsatisfied Customers

Be prepared for periodic unhappy customers and learn how to manage the conversation through text messaging.

For those occasional unsatisfied or unhappy customers, swiftly handle their grievances with a text exchange to mitigate the problems. Convenient and effective customer service greatly improves customers’ view of businesses and odds of returning. Providing customer service by text message allows customers to quickly and easily contact you and resolve any outstanding issues.

Steps to prepare for unsatisfied customers

Ask for a specific issue or expectation

To resolve the issue, ask the customer for details around the service or product with which there is an issue. For quick and considerate responses, create messages to copy or outline the steps to guide the conversation via text messages. When they clarify the issue, customer service can then work on how to help the customer. Take note if a specific complaint is recurring to solve the issue permanently. Resolving common issues will help decrease the number of unhappy customers as well.

Create a customer policy

Make sure your staff knows what steps to take to resolve certain issues. Set up a document with approved actions (i.e. refunds, percentage compensation, coupons, store credit, reorder) that your staff can use to deescalate an unhappy customer. Have acceptable options depending on the problem and confirm what complaints do not require compensation. Having a guide will help manage incoming customer service messages.

Provide a way to fix the issue

Determine how you will present the solution to the customer. Codes and verification messages are convenient with text messages.

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