Provide Contactless Support With SMS in 2024

Update how you communicate with customers by adding texting capabilities to your business number. 
January 8, 2024
Provide Contactless Support With SMS in 2024Provide Contactless Support With SMS in 2024

To support customers and your business while socially distancing, broaden your communication channels to include text messaging. SMS is a convenient and simple method of communicating for potential customers to your regulars. Keep customers updated on your availability and upcoming policy changes. Customers can simply text your current landline number to ask questions, schedule appointments, and much more. 

Texting can adapt to your business’ needs; however you need to communicate and whatever you need to talk about, texting allows quick contact with many customers. Let customers know about your business’ updates and changes. Inform clients with upcoming appointments or customers who have placed an order of your current requirements and procedures. Send clear instructions such as mask mandates, waiting procedures, and other changes. 

Texting by Industry

For restaurants, you can easily answer customer questions and provide customers with your updated hours, take-out or dine-in procedures, changes in menu offerings, payments, delivery, and special deals with two-way text interactions. Customers often have questions about current policies and availabilities; you can offer clear information right away.

For healthcare, you can provide your patients with scheduling, appointment reminders, answers, current waiting procedures, and local notifications all by text message. Although text messaging is not HIPAA compliant, any message that does not contain private patient data can use text messaging.

Retail stores can offer text messaging for distanced customer service, ordering, in-store requirements, pick-up procedures, and employee communication. Sending notifications by text is a preferred method for most customers when interacting with businesses. With two-way texting, employees view messages and respond, which customers can directly reply to for easy business communication.

Send links for zoom gatherings for virtual classes, workshops, and meetings by text message. Participants will not miss out when you send notifications to their phone numbers rather than emails. Consumers read text messages within minutes of receiving, whereas emails often go ignored and unread for hours. Offer a link to your online menu or scheduling page to further help customers.

Text Order Updates

Provide your customers with updates on their orders quickly and conveniently to their phones. Whether your business deals in take-out, delivery, shipping, or order pickup, text messaging customers is a great way of sending updates that the customer can track or follow through on. For both physical and e-commerce businesses, providing timely updates ensures your customers receive thorough support even before contacting you.

Promote Texting

Text enabling your landline phone number allows your business to use one number for both landline calls and sending and receiving text messages. To get customers to text you instead of receiving influxes of calls, customers must be aware of your business’ texting capabilities. Letting customers know on your website, voicemail, and advertisements in print and online will boost the visibility of your texting capabilities. 

Texty Pro uses your business’ landline number to enable text messaging. Customers call and text the same number; use your business phone number for trustworthy communication and simple access. Sign up today at for a free 14-day trial and try business SMS for quick and convenient customer service.

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