Sign up Your Business for Texting in 2024

Are you interested in landline texting for your business? Take a look at Texty Pro’s requirements, and then you can follow the steps to sign up quickly and easily to start texting today.
January 8, 2024
Sign up Your Business for Texting in 2024

Landline Texting for Businesses

Texty Pro offers a service allowing landline owners to send and receive text messages using their current phone numbers. For businesses, customer service is a vital and sometimes overwhelming part of day-to-day operations. Small businesses must cater to phone calls immediately and serve customers thoroughly for good customer service. With more users opting to use text messaging and chat platforms over phone calls, businesses must follow customer trends to keep relevant and efficient. 

With Texty Pro, any business can use their landline phone number with our website and app to talk with customers via SMS and MMS. Broaden your communication channels to speak with customers most efficiently. Customers communicate quickly and conveniently without the need for additional apps, texting your business through their native texting app. View all your conversations using our website and iOS and Android apps. You can send and receive messages in your store, shop, or even when away from a computer. To sign up to Texty Pro, make sure you have the requirements and are ready to begin.


Texty Pro Requirements

Ensure your number is eligible. You must provide a working U.S. landline phone number. We do not use business or personal mobile numbers. Texty Pro allows you to receive and send text messages from a number that cannot currently use texting services. If enabling an extension, you must provide the number along with the extension you would like to use. You will receive an automated verification call while signing up; please have your business line nearby when signing up.

To use Texty Pro you need a computer to create an account. Visit where you can sign up, read our FAQs, and read our industry guides as well as more blog posts. Signing up only requires basic business and future billing information. We do not bill you until the end of your free 2-week trial. There is no need to download anything to your computer, Texty Pro is ready to use right in your browser. Once you have created your business account, you can download and sign in to our iOS and Android apps. 


Set up Process

View our pricing plans and choose the one that best fits your business. We offer three plans depending on business size and different messaging needs. Each plan provides a different number of included messages and users per account. MMS is available for small business and professional accounts. All plans start with a 14-day free trial to introduce you to the platform and try business SMS.

Sign up in just a few steps by providing your basic business and billing information; billing begins after your free trial is completed. Have your business line available when adding your business phone number; you will receive a call with a verification code to input. Once you enter the verification code, you are all set! Share your texting abilities on your website or social media so customers can start texting you right away.

If you experience any problems while signing up, please reach out using the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen or email us at 


Customize your settings

To build your business profile, add your business details and edit your notification settings. Turn on message forwarding to receive emails and/or text messages for all incoming messages. You can forward your messages to any mobile number to receive a text containing the message. You can also enable email forwarding to receive an email with the message content for all incoming messages to your Texty Pro enable number. 

Set up your auto-replies to send messages instantly to incoming customer messages. Write your first-time auto-reply message to welcome customers when they first text your business. Open settings to add your business hours to enable after business hours auto-reply. After you have added your business hours, you can choose between the existing message or write a custom message. Messages received outside of your business hours will automatically send a reply with a custom message or provide your business hours for customers. 

Fill in your business details for your business profile. Include your business address and a profile picture. Add your customer and business contacts for easy communication and quick recognition. Play around and get to know our website and apps.


Ongoing updates

To keep your profile up to date make sure your information, such as your hours, is current. You can customize your auto-replies to include seasonal information or special offers for new customers. Continue to add and update contacts so you handle messages like customers, not just phone numbers. 

Thank you for trying Texty Pro, we hope to help you communicate with customers and clients with ease and speed. For any further questions, please message us using the chat icon on the bottom of the screen or email us at

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