Using Text Message Auto Replies and Templates

Get the most out of your texting service by using auto replies. Although we focus on conversational texting, we have several automated replies that can aid in quick and clear communication by text message.
October 1, 2021
Using Text Message Auto Replies and TemplatesUsing Text Message Auto Replies and Templates

Text messaging for business allows for quick and convenient communication with customers. Adding text messaging to your business is simple, especially with custom auto replies enabled. Our texting service is built for two-way conversational texting, connecting your business directly with customers. Customers can receive direct and personal customer support from your own staff. Instead of limited shortcode messaging preventing natural communication, conversational text messaging works just like texting your family and friends. Landline texting makes it even simple to use an existing phone number for text messaging. One phone number for calls and text messages makes contact accessible. 

Auto replies can be a huge help when getting started and managing ongoing text messaging. Maintaining consistent contact is necessary for successful communication, especially in business. Texty Pro’s texting service offers three auto reply conditions that can aid in quick and efficient responses. Put auto replies to work for your business. Enable and customize auto replies in the settings of your Texty Pro account. A customer can rest assured you received their message and will respond when available. While texting is always available, you may be closed or busy when incoming messages may be neglected. Enabling and customizing each message will help your business text messaging be professional and prompt. 

First Time Auto Replies

Keep up on incoming text messages with a welcome message for new customers. An automated reply will be the fastest way to engage an interested customer. For new incoming numbers, you can greet customers on their first message. This can provide an introduction to your business and provide extra time for a user to respond to their message. Further communication is two-way personal messaging between a customer and your business. Any time you receive a message from a new phone number, we can automatically send a custom text message response. Your message can always be changed or disabled in your settings. 

First time auto reply examples:

  • Hi, thank you for texting Acme & Co. We will be right with you.
  • Thank you for contacting Acme. Before we get started, can you tell us your name?
  • Welcome to Acme Inc. Our messages are handled by our staff, so feel free to message 
  • Thank you for contacting Acme. We have received your message and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

After Business Hours Auto Reply

To manage incoming messages after your business is closed, you can enable after hours auto reply. Customers will get an immediate text response with a custom message or your business hours. This will allow your business to be unavailable while providing context for lack of a response. You will not have to respond to messages while closed if you prefer not to. A clear message will not leave customers guessing or require constant oversight. Add your business hours in the workplace information tab of settings to complete the setup. 

After business hours auto reply examples:

  • Hi. Thank you for texting Bridge & Co. We are currently closed. 
  • Welcome to Bridge & Co. A member will get back to you when we open again. 
  • Bridge & Co is currently closed. Our hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily. 

Inactive Customer Auto Reply

Inactive customer auto reply can help you follow up with customers after a completed text interaction. Ensure customers get their questions answered and requests fulfilled since the text conversation. Following up with customers will increase satisfaction. Receive feedback from recent customers or recent interactions. Provide links for surveys or your website for further engagement from customers. 

Inactive customer auto reply examples:

  • This is Heller Auto, thank you for contacting us the other day. Please complete our customer satisfaction survey and let us know how our texting service is. 
  • We appreciate working with you this week. Please call or text us again at (123) 456-7890.
  • Thank you from the Heller Auto team. Visit our webpage:

Get started with two-way conversational texting with Texty Pro. With the addition of auto replies, business texting can be convenient and useful for your everyday business needs. With the help of auto replies, your business texting can be fast and responsive. With conversational texting alongside automated replies, your business can provide the best service without the hassle. Your U.S. landline phone number and computer or smartphone are all you need to get started with business texting. Our three plans all offer text messaging and auto replies accessible from our website on any computer or with our iOS and Android apps.

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