How To

A Simple Guide to Business Texting

When adding text messaging to your business' contact methods, make sure it is just as professional and respectful as your regular customer service. Abide by the text marketing law and general rules for customer service to make business SMS work for you.

Most people use text messaging for personal and informal use, yet many are adding business texting to their customer service. Maintaining a professional conversation with a customer is beneficial for every business. With written mediums such as text messages, the tone can be easily lost and misunderstandings happen. Tailor the tone of messages according to your audience, keeping messages respectful of customers’ time and requests. Ensure your business is providing the most important information to customers without becoming an annoyance. At Texty Pro, we want to provide you with a simple guide to help you start professionally texting from your landline business number.

A few tips for business texting

Introduce yourself

Make sure customers know who they are texting when conversing with your business. Introduce your business as well as yourself when starting a conversation. Adding these details will help bring a personal touch to each conversation. Ask for customers' names to aid in current and future customer service. Using names when referring to customers is a nice and personal way to communicate, especially when communicating through text-based platforms.

Limit the number of unsolicited text messages

Provide important information to grab customers’ attention. Make sure your messages do not become spam; otherwise, customers will ignore or opt out of your messages. Your messages should be exciting and interesting enough for customers to act on. For more information on best practices, see Ten Rules for Texting with Customers.

Offer an opt-out option

It is required to get permission from users to send SMS marketing messages. Allowing users to opt-in and out of receiving your marketing messages can reduce frustration. Guarantee you are reaching willing customers and are not breaking text-marketing laws. Have customers agree in writing or digitally to reach both in-store and online shoppers.

Maintain a friendly and professional tone

Keep your business texting clear and friendly. With a short note, customers can quickly receive and read general information. Send longer and more personalized messages for customers needing more details or specific information. Be mindful of your tone, make sure it is relevant to the message you are sending and representative of your business. Without visual or auditory cues, business texting can seem cold or impersonal. Using names, like mentioned previously, or adding welcome messages and courteous sign-offs can all add to the actual content of your messages.

Send exclusive offers and discounts by text

Business texting allows you to advertise your upcoming sale dates and discount codes directly to interested customers. These short enticing messages can help bring an influx of customers during slow periods. Offering exclusive deals and limited-time offers will grab customers' attention and lead more customers to visit your business. Business texting also includes MMS or picture messaging, allowing you to send and receive images. Creating promotional images or digital flyers that you can send to customers via text message is another useful way to grab customers’ attention and incorporate business texting into your business’ marketing. Learn how to improve customer service and sales with business texting.

Respond quickly and thoroughly with text messages

A prompt response is especially helpful when customers are considering your business. Text messaging is a quick method of communication; make sure you fully answer customer questions or concerns brought up in your conversation. Remember to check you messages thoroughly before sending, catch and correct any errors in information or spelling. Business texting should represent your business as much as your other forms of business communication.


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