Improve Customer Service and Sales with SMS

Enabling text messaging on your business number allows your customer service and sales to benefit from short and effective messaging. Being contacted by or reaching out to interested customers by text message is a viable and growing way of conducting business interactions.
August 29, 2023
Improve Customer Service and Sales with SMSImprove Customer Service and Sales with SMS

Use text messaging to handle your customer service and sales interactions. Expanding your contact methods to include text messaging allows customers to reach your business directly in a convenient way. Many customers prefer text messaging to phone calls, especially when interacting with customer service. Customers can perceive customer service as helpful or as a hassle, depending on their experience. Your business can provide fast and friendly service through text messaging.  

Outgoing messages related to sales and marketing can aid your business by using text messaging. Text message marketing is regulated like phone and email marketing, preventing users from receiving excessive spam messages. Stay informed about the rules of text messaging with customers to use text messaging to your business’ benefit.

Use business texting for customer service

Customer service can be frustrating and lengthy for both the customer and the business. With customer questions and concerns handled over the phone or email, it can fall short when it comes to speed and convenience. Adding text messaging to your business’ landline number benefits your customer service experience. Text messaging has little time commitment for customers compared to phone calls. Convert calls to text messages, enabling faster service through multiple platforms. To ensure customers are texting you, read this post on How to let customers know they can text your business.

Texty Pro is a business text messaging service that allows you to communicate with your customers using your existing landline or VoIP number. Texting is a convenient and preferred way for customers to reach out to businesses, and it can help you improve your customer service in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of using Texty Pro for customer service:

  • You can respond faster to customer inquiries, feedback, complaints, or requests via text messages, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • You can send personalized messages to your customers, such as appointment reminders, confirmations, thank you notes, or special offers, which can enhance customer relationships and retention.
  • You can reach more customers with text messages, as they have a higher open rate and response rate than emails or phone calls, which can boost your engagement and conversions.
  • You can manage multiple conversations at once with Texty Pro’s web-based dashboard or mobile app, which can improve your productivity and efficiency.
  • You can collaborate with your team using Texty Pro’s group chat feature, which can help you resolve customer issues faster and better.

Quickly answer customer questions

For answering questions quickly and effectively, text messaging has the advantage over phone and email service. Employees can view and respond to incoming messages in seconds. Common questions like hours, location, holiday hours, and current specials are simple to answer with short straightforward text messages. Text messaging’s two way communication leads to conversational and immediate contact.

Provide real-time support with text messaging

With person-to-person text messaging, customers receive live support from your employees. Text messaging is quick to read, and with a 60 percent faster response time than email, conversations progress smoothly. Customers do not need a special application, they can text your business number and reach a live agent immediately. Two-way texting allows customers to respond to incoming messages directly. 

Continued and lasting support by text

Text interactions save records, letting agents catch up on information when transferring users. Customers do not need to repeat information to multiple people; use their messages for current and future interactions. Get customer information for further contact when needed. This can help to reach out via phone or email for more support if the customer prefers. Check-in with customers or verify you handled their issue after their customer service inquiry. Following up with customers shows your business’ care and attention for each customer. Ensuring your customer’s happiness can build lasting relationships and positive reviews. 

Use business texting for sales 

Text enabling your current business number creates brand recognition. Customers can identify your business and respond to the same number for all contact methods. For marketing with text messages, ensure you are aware of the rules of text messaging. Customers must agree to receive marketing messages and be able to opt-out at any time. 

Follow up with leads with a text

Use text messaging to reach your leads. Text messaging offers a 7.5 times higher response rate on average than emails. Increase your interactions by contacting via text message. Consumers often ignore unexpected calls, leaving a voicemail needing a return call. For time-sensitive matters, text messaging provides quick responses in a short and easy to read format. Text message’s character limit urges concise messaging for the best read-rate by customers. 

Engage interested customers with text specials

Attract interested and potential customers with special offers sent by text. Send limited-time offers to entice immediate action. Promote your newest or most popular article or service directly to the most interested customers. With the briefness and importance of text, users often read messages within minutes. Providing links or coupons digitally increases the speed and usage of offers. View our post on messages that increase customer interaction. We can see how retail, restaurant, salons, and automotive businesses use text messaging. 

Personalize your text messages

People perceive text messaging as a more casual method of contact than phone or email. Make your messages direct but still professional and friendly. Text messages are more conversational, allowing for personalization. Your customers can always directly reply to your messages, even messages you have sent to multiple numbers. 

Text messaging added to your business allows you to use all the benefits of text toward your customer service and sales interactions. The convenient and fast-paced nature of text messaging can alleviate your business’ contact time.  For text messaging with your landline phone number on desktop and mobile, try Texty Pro today. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android

To get started with Texty Pro, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial. You just need to enter your landline or VoIP number and verify it with a phone call. Then you can start texting with your customers from your computer or mobile device. You can also schedule a demo to learn more about Texty Pro’s features and how they can help you improve your customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about Texty Pro, you can contact their live customer support.

Start a free 14-day trial of Texty Pro to enable texting on your business landline phone number today.

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