Business Texting During the Holidays 2024

The holiday season is quickly approaching again; prepare your business with landline texting. Provide customer service and support with your existing business phone number.
January 8, 2024
Business Texting During the Holidays 2024Business Texting During the Holidays 2024

This year, prepare for the holiday season by introducing landline texting into your business. Enabling your existing U.S landline phone number is a simple and straightforward way to add texting capabilities. With no interruptions to your phone calls, use your business number for calls and text messages. Check out the current texting statistics to get a view of how widespread and efficient texting is. Text messaging is increasingly popular across personal and business contact methods. With higher demand during the holiday season, business text messaging can help facilitate customer interactions. 

Texty Pro is two-way texting, which offers more versatility and personal connection than automated texting services. Customers will communicate directly with your business, no need for keywords or different phone numbers. Customers can always directly reply to your text messages and continue a conversation whenever needed. Make connecting easy for your employees and customers by offering text messaging. Texting can handle many business interactions and help schedule even more. 

Business Texting During the Holidays 2022

No missed calls & no waiting on hold

Compared to phone calls, text messages do not require simultaneous connection to have a conversation. Text messaging can support asynchronous communication, allowing both customers and staff to talk when they are available. Without the phone tag and voicemail messages of calls, text messaging is accessible and simple communication. 

Customers do not have to wait on hold for a representative. While quick responses are ideal, text messaging does not require immediate responses. There is no need to stop everything in order to take a phone call or put others on hold. Customers can text when they are available. You take the time and attention to attend to each message thoroughly, even when busy. You can automate replies for incoming messages to greet customers or let them know you are currently closed and unable to respond. 

Texting for customer service 

Your customers are already texting. Text messaging is far beyond only personal messaging, many businesses are already using text messaging for customer communication. Although different types of texting exist - shortcode, toll-free, and local - landline texting offers personal two-way texting. Your business can provide thorough customer service by text message as well as phone calls. More users prefer to text rather than making phone calls. 

Increased shopping, dining, and ordering during the holiday season require your time and attention. Customer service calls can be time consuming, especially during peak hours. Text messaging is easy and convenient for personal and business communication. Customers can send your landline number text messages just like regular mobile numbers. Answer common questions from customers or provide unique and detailed information depending on customer needs. 

Current safety practices

Keep customers updated on your current practices and safety requirements. You may want to provide instructions for customers coming in for appointments. Organize and communicate about contactless delivery or pickup for orders. Including information will help clarify what is expected and necessary at the current moment. Customers can easily ask questions and provide their updates through text messages as well. You can have an open and ongoing conversation with present customers. You can create templates to have messages ready for applicable customers. 

Seasonal hours & scheduling

After-hours auto replies can let customers know about changes to your regular hours. After-hour messages will automatically respond to incoming text messages received after your business hours. Update your hours and days in settings to automate after-hours replies. This makes it easy to attend to customers even when you are closed. 

Allow customers to schedule appointments by text message as well as phone calls, with one phone number. Manage appointment scheduling and reminders with text messaging. Customers can inquire about scheduling a new appointment or rescheduling. You can send reminder texts to reduce missed appointments. During your busy holiday schedule, managing your schedule is important for a productive day. 

Private team chat

Texty Pro also has plans available for teams. With a team plan, you have access to team chat right alongside customer SMS messages. Invite more members to interact with customers or for team collaboration. Our direct messaging and channels are perfect for internal communication. Create channels for departments, groups, projects, or information to address other participating members easily. Keep other members informed about employee schedules and holidays. 

If you are looking for business texting this holiday season, sign up today for a free 14-day trial of Texty Pro. Start introducing customers and clients to customer service, orders, and scheduling by text. The ease and accessibility of text messaging are great for busy businesses and their customers. Enabling landline texting on your business phone number is a straightforward and convenient way to add more contact methods to your business. No need for an additional phone number or equipment besides a landline phone number and computer or smartphone. Accessible on any computer through your browser of choice, Texty Pro is ready to use for any business.

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