Can You Text a Landline Number?

Landline numbers are still in use across America, especially in business. With more communication channels than ever before, landline text messaging is an easy way to expand your business’ contact range. Learn how to manage text messaging along with your existing landline number.
April 12, 2022
Can You Text a Landline Number?Can You Text a Landline Number?

Can you send a text message to a landline phone number?

The short answer is you can text some landline numbers if they were text-enabled. Standard landline phone numbers by default do not support text messaging without a business texting service. Most landline numbers can now be text-enabled to receive text messages through business texting services. This opens opportunities for more communication with the widespread nature of text messaging.

If you have a landline phone number you would like to text-enable, you can check out some of the services available, like Texty Pro. Now that you can text-enable your landline phone number, you are not limited to calls only. This means many businesses can use text messaging as a contact method using their existing phone number. Businesses with landline numbers can use texting services catered to their business size and needs.

If you are trying to text a landline number, be sure it can accept your messages. As long as the owner has texting capabilities on their landline number, you can send text messages with your native texting app. Their service may allow for pictures messages as well as short and long text messages. Whether you have a landline number or want to text a landline number, here is some information about landline texting as it is today.

Text a landline number

What does it mean to text-enable a landline phone number? 

A text-enabled landline number can send and receive text messages along with phone calls. Text-enabled numbers can transfer text and images just like mobile phone numbers. Phone calls remain the same, unaffected by the texting service or text messages. Since you can use landline numbers for calls and texting, you can continue to use your existing landline phone number. Keep advertising your current phone number. A simple message to “call or text” can let people choose their preferred method of contact. To get your landline phone number text-ready, you will need to find a text messaging service that fits your needs.

Business texting services

To view and send text messages with a landline number, you can use a business text messaging service. A business texting service will work using your computer or smartphone to access your messages. Without a text-enabled landline number, text messages sent to landline numbers just get lost. The recipient will not be notified and the sender may be unaware of the message’s failure to deliver. There is no way for the landline phone to receive text messages without an interface with which to interact. You can use a texting service that allows your computer and smartphone to serve as your screen and keyboard.

Send a text message to a landline number

You may need to know if a landline number is text-enabled before sending a message. While you may not receive a notification about delivery or failure, sending a text message to a landline number may be undeliverable. Where businesses list texting as an option, you can freely text from your texting app. If the number does not look like a landline phone number, some businesses use short codes for texting. Short codes are six or fewer digit numbers that businesses use for texting. These offer automated responses usually triggered by keywords.

Text messages to your landline phone number

As we have mentioned, landline phone numbers can be text-enabled for text messaging capabilities. With a text messaging service, you can easily add text messaging to your landline number. To access the messages you will need a computer or smartphone as well. Once you have created an account with a service such as Texty Pro, you will be able to access your profile with all your incoming and outgoing text messages. From there you can easily respond to incoming messages, send an outgoing text message, or send mass messages to your customers. Even when sending a message to more than one person, conversations stay independent of each other. Recipients see your messages as SMS or MMS right in their texting app. With no confusion about which phone number is for texting, customers can easily find your number and get in touch.

Landline texting for business

Businesses often rely on landline phone numbers as their main contact method. For business landline numbers, Texty Pro offers a text messaging service to text-enable your business phone number. We send incoming text messages to your account while your phone calls remain unaffected. Continue to advertise your existing number for brand recognition. Add a note to “call or text” your phone number to let customers know how to use your number. Providing customers with more options to reach you opens the door for communication.

Send text messages to customers for marketing and customer service. Gather reviews from recent customers to build up your reputation online. Organize scheduling and deliver reminders to handle missed appointments. Customize how your business can use texting to build your customer relationships and manage daily tasks. With two-way text messaging, customers will talk to a real person and talk conversationally with your business.

When sending text messages as a business, you must comply with the applicable rules and marketing laws. Similar to phone calls and emails, follow common courtesy and customers must be able to opt-out of incoming messages. Follow the rules of texting with customers to ensure customers are satisfied with your text messaging and your communication is clear.

If you would like to text-enable your business phone number, try Texty Pro with a free 14-day trial. Make sure your customers can easily reach you with calls and text messaging all with your current landline phone number. No need to change your number or use your personal number for business contact. With Texty Pro, you can keep your current landline phone number and add texting capabilities to it. Set up your existing landline number to send and receive text messages today. Using our website and our iOS and Android apps, you can access your messages from anywhere.

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