Gather Glowing Reviews for Your Business

Expand your online presence with new customer reviews on important platforms. Text messages lets you reach out to customers to support your business.
April 22, 2021
Gather Glowing Reviews for Your BusinessGather Glowing Reviews for Your Business

Expand your online presence with new customer reviews on important platforms. Many customers are reliant on online research when looking for many different types of businesses. Restaurants, home services, auto shops, salons, and many other businesses have reviews on Google and Yelp that can make an impact on potential customers. Seeing little to no reviews does not provide customers with the confidence to invest in your products or services.  

Your current and returning customers can assist in building your positive online reviews. Many customers do not think of leaving a review after a business interaction. A simple and straightforward text message is enough to encourage leaving a review. Some customers only think of leaving a review when their opinions are strong, especially strongly negative. This can skew ratings downward when there are few total reviews. Use your text-enabled number to send a text message reminding customers to kindly leave a review or contact you with feedback.


Ask for feedback by SMS

Ensure customers are happy with your products or services with a text message shortly after your interactions. Contact recent customers while you are still fresh in their minds. Following up with customers can greatly improve how customers view your business. Verifying customer satisfaction allows you to handle problems directly and ask for ratings and reviews. View Positive Steps for Helping Unsatisfied Customers to see how to prepare for interactions with customer complaints.

With higher open and read rates than emails, text messaging is a preferable method of reaching customers. The brevity of text messages lets customers quickly read and process your incoming messages and requests for reviews. Links are easy to open on mobile phones for conveniently leaving a review. Tracking and following up with these reviews help make sure you are addressing real issues and claims. 

Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews are important for maintaining a positive reputation for your business. People searching for your industry will view and compare your rating along with competitors. The more reviews and ratings businesses have, the more confident customers will feel when making their choice. Apple Maps users see Yelp ratings and information for businesses. Sending a text message to customers to help review your business on Yelp can benefit your online presence, increasing your rating and trustworthiness. 

Google Reviews

People searching for businesses often reply on Google for results and business information. Help boost your listing when customers are searching on Google with reviews. Positive ratings and reviews increase your presence and reputation. Users viewing and searching on Google Maps see businesses’ ratings and reviews. 

Provide a link by text message

When contacting customers about leaving a review, you can create a text message with a link to your business page on Yelp or Google. Providing the link allows customers to navigate to your business page easily. When making it simple, customers are much more likely to follow through and add a rating or review. If the URLs are too long, using a URL shortener can make sure your messages remain short and fit in text message’s character limit.

Building your brand and reputation can be difficult, especially making an impact online. Text messages lets you reach out to customers to support your business. Texty Pro offers a 14-day free trial to start texting your customers. For more information about how to enable text messaging on your business' landline number, visit our FAQ page or contact us at

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