Going Paperless with Landline Texting

If you are looking for ways to help make your business paperless, landline texting can help. Provide customers with the same information without the pile of papers. Save time and money while saving some trees.
March 16, 2023
Going Paperless with Landline Texting

Looking at businesses preparing for this year, reducing physical documentation will boost sustainability and accessibility. Businesses are trending towards digital interactions to the benefit of their business and customers. Emails have been a default communication channel for businesses. Text message is a burgeoning contact method for businesses. Emails and phone calls are no longer the most convenient way to get in touch with people and companies. So much communication is done through digital means today.

Handle daily tasks and manage customers through simple messaging platforms such as text messaging. There are many benefits to moving your business to paperless interactions. Saving digital documents may be easier to store than physical copies as well. Keep documents organized digitally for easy access that needs a lot less space. Send customers timely information like important safety information and pick up or delivery information. 


Going paperless in your business is not only easy and convenient but is also more sustainable. To reduce your environmental impact, going paperless is a great introduction. Sending messages with your landline phone number makes it instant and easily accessible. As most practices move away from the necessity of paper, many things can be done more quickly and easily on a computer or phone. Many customers are just as comfortable with digital interactions as physical ones. You can also give customers the option of receiving something digitally or physically. Let clients know you are reducing paper and messages, images, and documents are sent via text message. You can also save printing and mailing cost and time by using SMS.

Share documents 

Using text messaging, you can send certain files directly to customers on their smartphones. SMS and MMS messaging currently allow for sending and receiving of images, audio, and video files listed here. MMS messages can send images, audio, and video files while SMS are standard messages composed of text. With two-way conversational texting, you can assist and answer customer questions. For some documents, it may be easiest to send as an image. Images are simple to send and receive as text messages. Your customers can easily access and view images on their smartphones as well. 

Send Links

If the item cannot be attached, you can provide a link to the document. Forms can be available on your website for users to fill or print as needed. Sending links via SMS is a great way to provide a plethora of information in a short message. Your website is a great resource for hosting documents and information for users. A direct link helps lead customers to the right page. Link directly to documents, forms, or information. Include context or instructions with your link for the best results. Clear and short messages are what make text messaging so successful. Text messages are limited to 160 characters, making them easy to read immediately. 

Digital transactions

Make sure your business's communication is up to date for the best service. Especially when combined with email and your website, texting can be a great addition to your digital communications. Depending on your needs, you can provide information and reminders for billing or appointments. Send invoices and receipts directly to customers. Confirm new appointments or paid bills right away. The speed and attention of text messaging allow customers to see messages immediately. Keep templates for commonly sent messages. Then you can just copy and paste as needed for prompt replies. 

Promotional SMS

To send promotional messages to customers, they must explicitly opt-in. You must receive consent from customers before sending marketing or promotional SMS messages. Learn more about opt-in text messaging here. Text messages have a much faster and higher read rate than emails. This is leading businesses to shift some of their digital mailing lists to SMS. You can provide customers with an introductory coupon code when they sign up with their mobile number. Interesting and worthwhile text messages will ensure customers will continue receiving your messages. You are required to make opting-out of your marketing list clear and simple. 

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to reduce your paper output, landline texting is a great option. Going paperless can seem daunting, but text messaging is straightforward. All you need is your landline number and a computer to get started. At Texty Pro, we will text-enable your U.S. landline number so you can both send and receive SMS and MMS messages. Now is the time to get your business into landline texting.

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