How to Use Business Landline Texting This Summer

This year, use business text messaging to re-engage customers using your landline number. From marketing to reminders, text messages are the perfect way to reach your customers. Invite customers to your business with specials and events, with safety in mind.
July 14, 2022
How to Use Business Landline Texting This Summer

With more events returning this year, people are excited for more opportunities opening soon. Show what your business has to offer for the season with business landline texting. Use business text messaging for customer service, sales, and marketing. For small businesses, managing the many aspects of running a business has been increasingly tough in the last year. Managing many media platforms including phone, email, and social media can be overwhelming. Business landline texting can be easily used in tandem with or instead of other platforms. 

Find how to use business texting for your specific industry. Use it to boost sales interactions, send reminders, or for personal customer service. Use business text messaging as you see fit. Let your customers contact you by text for customer service inquiries or scheduling purposes. You can also use business text messaging for sending mass messages for marketing and reminders. We will show you a few ways to use business landline texting today. 

Business landline texting allows you to use your existing landline phone number to also send and receive text messages. Small businesses can continue to use their local phone number for both calls and text messaging. Keeping a recognizable and identifiable number helps with customer service and marketing. Using services like ours, you can use landline texting from any computer or smartphone, simply by visiting our website or downloading our apps. 

SMS Marketing

Promote summer specials to peak customers’ interest in your business. Inform your customers about your special events or changes to your business that may interest them. Whether you have a summer sale at your store, more availabilities at your salon, or expanded service offerings, you can let your customers know by a short and compelling text message. 

Including sales information or special coupons and codes is a good way to drive customers to act on limited-time deals. Businesses that send coupons by text message often see higher usage than other formats. With easy access and portability, text messages are a useful format for quick turnaround. 

Send messages en masse with bulk text messaging using a text messaging service for your business landline phone number. Even when sending to multiple numbers, each conversation is between your business and one recipient. This way, customers can directly respond to any of your text messages for personal customer service. Business text messaging is perfect for conversational engagement as well as mass messaging. 

Organize and schedule

Send invites by text, customers can directly respond to make reservations. Provide event details to interested or current participants. Business landline texting allows phone and text messages through your existing landline number. Message many recipients with mass messaging or individually. Customers can directly reply to the message while maintaining a one-to-one conversation. All recipients have their own conversations, which you can track in the app or using our website. 

For appointment scheduling, your business and customers can have conversations quickly and conveniently by text. Send text messages as reminders for upcoming appointments. Text message has an incredibly high open and read rate compared to other methods of contact. For missed appointments and last minutes changes, make rescheduling just as easy with text messaging. With easy to reach service, reminders, and scheduling, business text messaging can be your business’ method for up-to-date support. 


Maintain the current safety guidelines for your business. Outline the safety measures necessary for your business and industry and inform customers. Sending a short text before customers enter your business about your safety protocols can keep staff and customers safe. A text message with an appointment reminder is a good chance to inform customers of the pertinent safety guidelines. Use business texting to continue providing contactless support to your customers and clients. No matter your industry, text messaging makes for easy contact with customers. 

If your business landline is text-enabled, you are ready to send and receive text messages. If you would like to enable landline texting for your business, Texty Pro offers easy set-up and a free 14-day trial. Get started with your local landline number and a computer or smartphone. Business landline texting allows you to send and receive messages without an additional phone number. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.

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