How to Use Business MMS in 2024

With business texting, do not forget how MMS can benefit your business’ customer service and marketing. Images and photos can greatly aid with direct customer interactions. See how sending and receiving MMS is your next step in business texting.
January 8, 2024
How to Use Business MMS in 2024How to Use Business MMS in 2024

Business texting is gaining traction across varying industries for additional customer service and sales channels. The fundamentals of text messaging utilize words, characters, and numbers to get across a simple and straightforward message. Emojis spice up a message and help evoke emotion while maintaining a simple text message. All this is using business SMS, text messaging also includes MMS that can benefit your business as well. Images grab more attention than a text message and can increase engagement and click-through rates on your marketing messages. Now that MMS is easier to use and widely accessible, your business messages can be boosted with business MMS.


What is MMS and business MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, also known as photo or picture messaging. People use MMS for sending more than just text through messaging apps. A standard SMS (short message service) is a text message, containing typed messages and emojis. A photo, video, audio, or image sent with phone numbers uses MMS to share more than just text messages through texting apps. MMS is now easier and widely accessible, making it useful for businesses in addition to personal use. Text enabling your business’ landline phone number allows using SMS and MMS to interact directly with your customers. 

Sending business MMS with Texty Pro

With Texty Pro, we create short URLs for outgoing images to customers. These custom short URLs link recipients to the image. With iOS and Android, link preview allows users to view the image or preview the site of the link. Without opening the link, customers can still view the image in their texting app. This lets your business send larger images quickly and safely. 

When sending other links to customers via text, position the link at the beginning or end of the message and include the whole link address (with http[s]://). This will show the recipients the link preview rather than only a text URL. Link preview is automatic on iOS and Android and has an eight times higher click-through than plain links.

How to make business MMS work for your daily operations 

Like text messages, recipients read MMS messages within minutes of receiving. Meaning your customers have instant access to your messages right when you send them. For actionable items, immediacy helps push customers purchasing interest and follow through. Images by nature are more eye-catching and memorable than text. MMS’s click-through rate is 36%, higher than email and plain SMS messaging.

Answer questions via MMS

Provide answers to questions not easily explained through text. Send customers a poster, menu, photo, or instructions to help provide the best customer service. With a handful of images, your business can cover commonly asked questions with easy to understand graphics. Share photos instantly; provide real estate photos right to your client’s phone or a current menu for your restaurant

Marketing with MMS

Grab customer attention and engage customers with MMS. Offer mobile coupons and sales fliers to current and potential customers by MMS. Visual coupons are more enticing and memorable to customers than plain text. With over 50% higher click-through engagement than SMS messages, MMS can drive interest. For more information about the rules of marketing via text messages, read our blog on Ten Rules for Texting with Customers. There are distinct marketing laws relevant to text messaging. Be aware of how to comply, the laws are there to prevent businesses from spamming customers. Gain a good reputation with reliable and respectable marketing.

Receive images for customer support

For easier customer support, customers can send a photo or screenshot to better assess how to proceed. From auto shops to salons, photos can provide details when words fall short. Customers and clients' vocabulary may lack in technical terms, making discussions longer than necessary. Ask for a photo when possible, sending photos by text is easy and accessible for most customers. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

Simple to do

With Texty Pro, it is simple, attach an image via our iOS and Android apps or log in to our website. Write a message to send with the image and reach your clients and customers. To attach, select the plus icon on the messaging screen or simply drag and drop the file into the browser. 

Enable business SMS and MMS on your landline. Sign up on our website to start your free two-week trial of Texty Pro. For more information about Texty Pro, visit our FAQ page and contact us for any remaining questions.

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