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How to use a canned responses

With just a few clicks, effortlessly send your text message using custom canned responses, saving valuable time and effort that would have been wasted on composing a response from scratch.

What is a canned response?

A canned response is a fast and efficient way to send precomposed text messages or replies to your customers. It's commonly used for greeting customers and addressing frequently asked questions about your business. These responses are particularly beneficial when dealing with repetitive inquiries, enabling you to promptly send or respond to messages with just a few clicks. In this blog post, we will explore the usage of Texty Pro's canned responses to streamline tasks and save valuable time and effort.

How to quickly send text messages with canned responses

Texty Pro offers a convenient way to quickly send text messages using canned responses. To streamline the process, start by accessing the Texty Pro service on the web.

Take the time to set up your canned responses beforehand, creating precomposed text messages or replies for common inquiries. When a message arrives that can be addressed with a canned response, simply select the appropriate one from your list of saved canned responses. To add a personalized touch for the recipient, you have the option to further customize the canned message in Texty Pro. This can be done by incorporating variables, such as the person's first name, into the message. By doing so, you can create a more tailored and individualized response.

With just a few clicks, you can send the text message, saving valuable time and effort that would have been spent composing a response from scratch. Repeat this process for any additional messages that could benefit from using canned responses. By utilizing Texty Pro's canned responses feature, you can efficiently handle text messages, provide prompt and accurate replies, and effectively manage high volumes of repetitive inquiries.

Here's a step-by-step guide on efficiently sending text messages using canned responses

1. Sending a text message in just a few clicks

By utilizing canned responses, you can effortlessly send messages or respond to inquiries without the need for manual typing. Whether it's a new conversation or an ongoing one, you have the flexibility to employ a canned response of your choice. This convenient feature eliminates the time and effort required to compose each message from scratch, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined communication process.

SMS tab - Texty Pro

2. Choosing a canned response

There are 2 ways to choose a canned response. To choose a canned response in a direct message using a shortcut, simply enter a forward slash ( / ) in the message field. This action will prompt the display of your available canned responses. You can then start typing the shortcut phrase of your desired response to narrow down the selection. Additionally, you can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the list of canned responses. Pressing the enter key or clicking the mouse cursor will allow you to select a canned response. Once chosen, it will be automatically inserted into the text input field for your convenience.

Adding a canned response using a keyboard shortcut - Texty Pro

2a. Choosing a canned response using a mouse

To access your canned responses using a mouse, simply click on the lightning bolt icon inside the text input field. This action will display a list of available canned response categories. Choose the desired category, and then click on the specific canned response you wish to insert into the text input field. The canned response categories are fully customizable. You can easily add or modify them in the settings page according to your preferences.

Adding a canned response from input box button - Texty Pro

3. Sending a canned response

Once you select a canned response, it will be automatically inserted into the text input field. You'll notice that relevant variables, like the recipient's first name, have been included. However, please keep in mind that if you are sending a text message to a group and the canned response contains variables that vary from person to person such as a name, the variable itself will be displayed (e.g., "$[contact_first_name]") instead of the actual recipient's names. Rest assured, when you send the text message, the variables will be populated correctly, ensuring that the appropriate personalized message is delivered to each recipient.

How to add or save a new canned response

Now that you've learned how to use a canned response to effortlessly text with your customers, continue reading to learn how to add your own custom canned responses.

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