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How to Use Links with Business Texting

With landline texting, you can send links via SMS text message to customers easily. Make your website instantly accessible for customers with one click.
How to Use Links with Business Texting
How to Use Links with Business Texting

When talking to customers via text message, you can easily share links. Links help provide a wealth of information from your website or lead customers to a review site. You must also refrain from seemingly sketchy or unsolicited links to customers. Maintaining professional communication through text messaging is now possible with landline texting. Keeping your landline number for both phone calls and text messages allows customers to contact you easily no matter their preference. 

Text messaging makes it easy to share lots of information directly with your customers. One great feature of text messaging is sharing links. As a business, you can link customers to your website or link to a page with information. If there are specific forms or documents, sharing a link makes it assessable online for computers and smartphones.  Using links in business communication can prove to be very helpful when done well. 

Many phones will automatically link a URL and provide users with a preview. Sending links via text messaging is an easy and effective way to communicate. With a direct link, customers can easily navigate to your website with one click. You do not need any special knowledge or tools to send and receive links via text messages. 

Links businesses may send

You can share many things with a link. Depending on your specific industry and business, there are different things you will want to share with your customers. Direct customers to an exact webpage to provide information or directions. You can link to your own website or other reputable websites. 

  • Website URL
  • Specific page or information 
  • Items page or menu
  • Forms and documents
  • A place to leave a review
  • Images

How to send links

Sending a link by text message is simple enough for all users. You will need to select the URL of the page you want to share. You then only need to copy the full address and paste it into your text program. Most phones will automatically turn the URL into a link that is clickable on a computer or smartphone. This allows the recipient to click instead of copying and pasting the URL. 

You can include a message along with the link or in a separate SMS message. Recipients can then click the link to be directed automatically to the webpage on their phone’s browser. The customer’s phone will display a clickable link and may provide a preview. You do not need to do anything else to have a useable link. If you have a landline texting platform such as Texty Pro, copy and paste directly into the messaging window. Your link is ready to send right in your browser or smartphone app. 

Text Message alerts

According to recent text message statistics, when a consumer receives a text message alert, it will be opened and read by over 97% of people in less than 3 minutes of receiving it. In comparison, the open rate of emails on average is only 21.5%. Sending an SMS text message is really the only option if you want to make sure your business message is opened and read.

Best Practices for sending links via SMS text message

When communicating by text messaging with customers, it is important to remain professional. Like all business communication, do not send unsolicited links to customers. When sending any messages from your business phone number, be aware of how the messages come across. A friendly and informative message from businesses ensures customers are satisfied. Provide adequate information when sending messages or replying. You should include your business name for clear communication. It should be clear who you are and what the link is. Without identifying information, your messages can appear as spam and customers will likely ignore them. You can provide your name as well at the beginning of a conversation or the end of your messages. 

Text messages can be spam just like calls and emails. Be aware of the laws surrounding business text messaging. For marketing, customers must opt-in and be able to opt-out easily. Clear, concise, and friendly responses are the best way to use business SMS. Refrain from sending too many links. Provide the information requested as completely and succinctly as possible. Ensure that users consent to all information sent via text message. Read more about text messaging best practices and 10 Rules on our blog.  

Shortening Links

Some links become very long and use a massive amount of characters. If your link is too long, you can create a new short URL for sharing. Link shorteners are available online to make long links much shorter. Create short links with your custom domain name or use free options. When you shorten links, users cannot see the address to which you are directing. Some customers may be wary of links sent if they are unverified. You should include information about the link so there is appropriate context. Be warned that not all mobile carriers may accepted shortened URLs.

Send Links Through Business Texting

If you are looking for a landline texting service to connect with your customers, Texty Pro is ready to help your business. Landline texting allows you to continue using your existing landline phone number with the addition of texting capabilities. With SMS and MMS capabilities, you can send and receive text messages, images, links, and more. Try landline texting free with a 14-day trial of Texty Pro. Sign up with any of our three business plans to start texting with your current landline number today.

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Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro