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Improve Your Business Communication Skills Through Business Text Messaging

Effective communication is critical to any businesses or organizations. By improving your business communication skills, you will build better relationships with your clients and staff leading to many positive outcomes. Here are some best practices for improving your communication skills through business text messaging, the most preferred communication channel for consumers.
Improve Your Business Communication Skills Through Business Text Messaging
Improve Your Business Communication Skills Through Business Text Messaging

Offer SMS text messaging as an option for your customers to reach you

Business Text Messaging is is now a must have as consumers prefer the convenience of texting over phone calls or emails. Businesses can text-enable their phone number to improve customer service, fast track staffing and recruiting, increase sales, achieve business goals with team collaboration and more.

What Is Business Text Messaging?

Let’s talk about the basics. First of all, what is business text messaging? The answer is quite simple. Business text messaging is a service offered by a business texting service like Texty Pro that allows businesses and organizations to to have 1 on 1 conversations with consumers through SMS text messages for quick and effortless sales, customer service & support, staffing & recruiting, appointment confirmations & reminders, and more. 

Recent texting statistics show that over 85 percent of consumers prefer to receive business text messages rather than phone calls or an emails when a company needs to contact them. Considering that 98% of text messages are opened and replied to within 90 seconds of receiving them, it’s a no brainer to text with your customers unlike phone calls which goes unanswered or emails that ends up in the junk folder.

Business texting with customer from their landline number

How Can I Send Business Text Messages?

There are a few different ways to send text messages but the best way to text with customers is by using a business text messaging service so that you can use your existing landline phone number you are currently using to talk to customers on the phone. 

Texting from a landline number is far simpler than it sounds and is no different than texting a mobile phone. Sign up to a business text messaging service, choose a subscription plan that works for you and enter your current landline number to text-enable it. Once your landline number is text enabled, simply log in on any computer or a device including the one you’re using to read this and start exchanging SMS text messages with customers. Your landline phone number will show as the sender when you send a text message from your computer. When your customers reply back to the text message you send from your landline number, the reply text messages will appear on your computer.

Law firm texting with clients

Tips on Improving Your Business Communication Skills Through Business Text Messaging

Respond to Business Text Messages Quickly

A good customer experience is directly tied to how fast you can respond back to their text messages. Even though text messaging is asynchronous, customers don’t want to wait too long for a reply. If you don’t respond back to the text message quickly, there is a chance that they’ll contact another business that may be your competitor.

Text From a Phone Number That They Will Recognize

There are many downsides for texting customers from a text only number or your personal number. First of all, they will not recognize your phone number so chances are that you will not get a response back. Second, if you are texting your customers using your personal number, you’ll compromise your privacy and your personal time. Sometimes, your customers will text and call you on your mobile number during off-hours which will create many inconveniences. The better way to send business text messages is texting using your business phone number through a business texting service. When you send a text using a business texting service, your customers will see your business name (if already stored on their mobile phone) or your business phone number that they may recognize. 

Remember That It’s a Text Message

Keep in mind that an SMS text message is meant for quick and brief back-and-forths and that the character limit for a single SMS text is 160 characters. If what you have to say requires paragraphs such as lengthy instructions, send it via email instead and text them to let them know about it. And say no to long all caps messages as it may imply ager and shouting.

Don’t Need to Be Too Formal. It’s Not an Email or an Official Document.

Instead of composing a lengthy and formal message, keep it short and brief to make a point. You don’t want to sound like a complicated legal document with industry specific jargons. Try to keep it casual & friendly and use words that you’d normally use in a conversation based on the situation.

Be Human with a Personality, Not a Robot

Customers rarely want to deal with chatbots as it creates a frustrating experience. Greet your customers in a friendly tone to show personality lacking in chatbots. Treat your customers similarly to how you treat your friends while establishing a trusting professional relationship and empathize with them. You may even use emojis in certain instances to convey a point.

Add a Click-to-Text Link or a Button on Your Website

Have you ever clicked on an email address and your default email client app opened and added the email address automatically? A click to text link is the same thing, but for SMS text messages. Using a simple HTML snippet, you can add a a link that automatically opens the mobile phone’s SMS text messaging app. Learn more about Click-to-Text Links

Try Landline Texting Service for Your Business

Business SMS text messaging has evolved into an must have communication tool. It's affordable while being quick and effortless to use. It's not too late to start texting with your customers. Give business text messaging a try today. Texty Pro is offering a 14-day free trial period.

Questions about texting with your business number?

Book a 30-minute demo today with one of our team members and discover how business text messaging can benefit your business.
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro
Business staff texting from their landline | Texty Pro