Inbound SMS with Landline Texting

Landline texting allows businesses to receive text messages they can be currently missing. Text messaging can be another easily accessible platform for customers to start a conversation. It does not require any special equipment or knowledge to implement SMS in your business.
July 19, 2022
Inbound SMS with Landline Texting

Text to landline

There are a few ways in which to use a texting service to receive text messages to your landline number in your business. A two-way conversational texting service will be the best fit for businesses looking to use SMS in customer service. Automated and larger-scale services are available for those looking for a bulk-marketing platform. Marketing with SMS has its own rules and guidelines that businesses need to follow. Read more information about the rules of business text messaging and specifically opt-in rules if needed.

For businesses looking for a customer service-focused texting platform, conversational SMS is the way to go. Landline texting allows you to continue using your existing phone number, with the addition of two-way texting. Customers can send a text directly to your phone number with no additional phone number or app. With our platform, you will receive incoming SMS and MMS messages on your computer and smartphone.

We built Texty Pro to provide businesses with a way to receive text to landline from customers. We want to ensure that businesses receive every message that customers are sending. Businesses with a landline number may be missing text messages that customers are already sending. With mobile numbers being so widespread, some customers may try to text a business’ landline number. Without being text-enabled, that message is not delivered.

As users are unable to tell landline numbers from mobile phone numbers, it can be difficult to determine if a business accepts text messages. Landline texting text-enables your number, letting a service such as Texty Pro route your messages through our platform. You will be able to see any text message that is sent to your landline number as well as send SMS and MMS messages to mobile numbers.

Why should businesses use conversational text messaging?

Conversational text messaging is often what people expect when using text messaging. Personal text messaging conversations are a back and forth conversation. Businesses can provide a similar experience with conversational SMS. Customers can text the business to get a personal response from the staff. Customers can always reply directly to your phone number.

With automated SMS messaging, you often see that only certain keywords are accepted. The business may not see the replies at all. These types of messages can be good for providing customers with information conveniently. The drawback is the lack of personalized support it can provide. 

Businesses can use conversational messaging in many ways. Whatever your customers and clients can call or email you about can also be done with SMS and MMS messaging. More information about conversational messaging in business can be found here.

Provide Fast Customer Service

One of the best uses for text messaging in business is for customer service. If you field a lot of phone calls or emails, you could be using landline texting. The speed and convenience of text messaging make it a great medium for customer support. Customers can reach you at their convenience and your staff can reply at their availability. With SMS, messaging can happen asynchronously. Both users do not need to be available at the same time to have an ongoing conversation. Conversations can be paused and resumed as needed.

Answer common questions with text messages. You can create custom templates to copy and paste for the easiest and fastest responses. For landline texting, you only need a computer or smartphone and a landline phone number.

Personalize for Your Business

You do not have to create marketing campaigns or promotional offers to use text messaging successfully. Depending on your industry, you can provide several services through SMS and MMS. Handle your ordering, scheduling, reminders, billing, and much more with landline texting. Offer quotes or appointments by request. Let customers know what services you offer via text messages. This way customers and staff can effectively work together.

Offering multiple methods of contact will make it easy for customers to reach you. Customers can choose their preferred platform without any difficulty. Texting is a lot less interruptive than phone calls. Both parties can use a few moments to read and send a text message. SMS has a limit of 160 characters, leading to concise messages. Even when you handle text messages individually, they can take less time than a single phone call.

Campaigns and marketing take special services catered to high volume outbound messaging. Be aware of how you will be using text messaging to follow the rules and laws surrounding spam. Sending out too many messages can be a problem for some services. If using your SMS service primarily for responses and requested notifications, business texting is simple. Attending to your customers’ questions and requests individually is important.

Free texting app for pc

Try Texty Pro, our free texting app for pc is free for 14 days for businesses. With your landline phone number, you can handle calls with your current phone service provider and SMS messages through Texty Pro and all incoming SMS text messages are free for our subscribers. Landline texting gives businesses the ability to easily send and receive text messages. For those businesses looking for a straightforward landline texting service, Texty Pro is very simple to get started. Once you create an account with us, your landline number will be text-enabled and you can use our texting app for free for the first 14 days. We offer three plans for differing business sizes and needs. All plans come with a free 14-day trial with your existing landline number. For more information visit our support page and get in touch with us.

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