Top 4 Ways Landline Texting Benefits Businesses

Text enabling a landline phone number lets many businesses provide customer service in a new way. While texting is a preferred method of contact for customers, it also can assist businesses in providing support. See some of the top reasons to start landline texting. With how simple it is to enable, you can easily try landline texting with a free 14-day trial.
July 14, 2022
Top 4 Ways Landline Texting Benefits Businesses

Americans are constantly using text messaging for personal and professional uses. As widespread as texting has become, there are still many businesses without business texting. Landline texting allows businesses with a landline number to use texting. With no additional phone number or special equipment, anyone can start two-way texting with a text-enabled landline phone number. More generations are using texting for regular communication. Businesses are providing texting not only as a way to meet demand, but also to benefit their operations.

Many customers are using text messaging when possible and prefer it to traditional methods like phone calls and emails. Texting offers quick and convenient connections between customers and businesses. There are many ways in which landline texting can benefit both businesses and their customers. See what landline texting can bring to your business to improve your day-to-day operations.

Top 4 benefits of texting from a landline

1. Superior convenience

Text messaging is convenient for both customers and businesses. Customers can easily send a text message from their native texting app to their existing phone number. There is no need to search for which phone number to use; customers only need one number to reach you by phone call or text message. Easy and responsive communication channels help provide satisfying service, leading to pleased and repeat customers.

Reduce phone calls; calls limit your availability and restrict you from other matters. Messages can be replied to quickly or at a suitable time. SMS messages restrict users to 160 characters, making them easy to read and start a conversation. Many people prefer interacting with a business via text message to phone calls and emails. When your business is easily contactable, you have more opportunities for new customers.

2. Save time with text messaging

Text messaging is a quick alternative to existing contact methods. Compared to traditional calls and emails, text messaging requires less time. Phone calls require more dedicated time compared to texting. While one phone call may take an employee's attention for minutes, a text message can be quickly read and handled. Neither the customer nor employee has to wait on hold actively.

Texting only needs brief moments for both reading and typing messages. You can even send one message to multiple numbers while keeping conversations private. Text messages are often read within minutes of being received. This quick read rate allows for quick responses and comprehensive communication. Manage multiple conversations, or assign them to a specific user. Collaborate with team members privately in an SMS channel with a note or in channels and direct messages.

3. Mix conversational and automated messages

Text messaging can be automated and personal just like phone calls. Depending on your service and settings, you can create a perfect mix of automated and manual messages. Automated messages can be triggered by certain conditions and specific keywords. Setting these up can help provide immediate customer support. It is simple to set up automated replies, our basic three options offer customizable messages for common conditions.

While automated text messaging is speedy, many customers like to chat with a live person. This is where conversational text messaging becomes essential. Two-way text messaging allows for more detailed conversations. Customers have the ability to connect with a person via text message to thoroughly answer their questions and provide customer support.

4. Text from a computer or smartphone

Each landline phone number can be used for calls and text messaging. Sign in to our iOS or Android apps to have your business’ landline number on the go. With multi-user accounts, each member can have access to their computer and phone, as well as login on any browser to use on different computers. You are not tied to one device; you only need internet access to text from a computer or cell phone. Use your existing phone number, computer, browser, and cell phone with our texting service. We will text-enable your phone number and provide the platform for you to send and receive your messages. 

Texty Pro team plans offer a further feature allowing all your members to communicate right alongside your SMS messaging. Team chat is great for members working in the same location and teams spread across the country. Private notes are available in SMS conversations for user messages. Private channels and direct messages are a great way to collaborate and discuss topics with all or selected members.

Texty Pro can help start or continue your landline texting experience. Get your business up to date with a simple and easy platform ready for you and your team to use. Business texting does not have to be a massive undertaking. Our focus is on helping customers get in touch with your business, so you can provide the best customer service experience. With Texty Pro, you can start texting with an existing landline phone number. With minimal setup, your phone number can be ready for customer service. View our plans and sign up at For any further questions, we have more blog posts and FAQs available.

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