Business Texting: What is it and its benefits in 2024

Text messaging is the most practical choice for business owners in this situation. As compared to other communication channels, SMS text messaging is simple to access from any mobile device, is not app reliant, uses no data, and does not require any logins or other forms of authentication. It is quick, dependable, convenient, and straightforward.
January 8, 2024
Business Texting: What is it and its benefits in 2024

Business Texting

The need to communicate has always been supported by various means of staying linked, whether on a local or worldwide level. The expansion of global connectivity has been a major driving factor behind the development of all sectors. When deciding the medium of communication to utilize, factors such as speed, dependability, convenience, and simplicity must be considered.

Calls are inconvenient and time-consuming, and voicemails are just you know… voicemails. Instant messaging needs the usage of applications, accounts and logins and the same applies to the business, which is not as easy or convenient as other methods. Emails are inefficient, out of date, and just not effective.

Text messaging is the most practical choice for business owners in this situation. As compared to other communication channels, SMS text messaging is simple to access from any mobile device, is not app reliant, uses no data, and does not require any logins or other forms of authentication. It is quick, dependable, convenient, and straightforward.

What is Business Texting?

Business text messaging is a short message service (SMS) service that enables two-way SMS communication between a business and customers using the business' existing landline phone number and is becoming more popular. Once the landline number is text-enabled through a business texting service, the business text messaging capability provides customers and prospects with a convenient method to contact or react a company directly from their mobile phone through their built-in texting app. The business can send and receive text messages from a computer or any mobile device with internet connection.

Businesses rely on landline texting for a wide range of communication types including sales and/or service. Besides that, it's been used for internal team communication as well as marketing and administration.

Business Texting Services

When you consider how versatile and adaptable text messaging can be to various company sizes and setups and customer expectations, it is difficult to overlook the benefits of text messaging as a form of communication, particularly in business. There are many business texting services out there but they may not work for your business due to various reasons. Luckily, Texty Pro business texting service was built from the ground up for businesses and teams of all sizes.

Text messages are open and read by a higher percentage

Opening and reading rates of text messages is significantly higher than emails. According to studies, email only has a 15-22 percent probability of being read owing to the large number of cases when emails are incorrectly classified as spam and so fail to reach the intended audience's inboxes promptly.

In contrast, text messaging has a spectacular open rate of 99 percent - which is surprising considering that most people these days spend a significant amount of time on their cell phones.

A buzz in their pockets or the sound of their phone's notification sound signaling a text, a call, or an alert takes just seconds for people to recognize and respond to the information.

Customer texting benefits - Texty Pro

Deliverability in a short time

In the typical case, it takes a mobile phone user less than 90 seconds to read a text message, while it takes an average of 90 minutes or more to respond to an email message. As not everyone has the luxury of having time for making calls so text messaging is the most convenient choice.

A brand that intends to conduct a marketing campaign or contact consumers even while they are on the road may do it more effectively by employing SMS, which increases the likelihood that customers will be reached in real-time. This will therefore heighten the feeling of urgency and relevancy around the message that the company wants to communicate.

Easy & convenient

Phones are a fundamental personal requirement, and the capacity to send and receive SMS messages is a standard function on all mobile phones. At the same time, SMS communication does not need the use of specialized apps or the purchase of costly data plans.

Text messaging is virtually always accessible on the most basic of GSM networks, which are almost always available. Phone conversations, on the other hand, may not always be clear as a result of distance and signal disruptions. Emails, in order to be distributed to their intended recipients, need a steady internet connection to function properly.

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Customer attraction

SMS, because of the ease with which it can be used, creates a lasting effect on the businesses that use it. A brand's aim to tap into what features and tactics work well with end-users is shown when it is readily available via ways or resources that have been a regular part of the lives of hundreds of consumers for an extended period of time. Product updates, limited-time discounts, and other customized communications are among the types of SMS generated by promoters. A genuine, individualized approach to engaging with customers is the most tempting thing a business can provide them.

Enhanced assistance

The use of SMS improves the efficiency of a company's customer support operations. As an outcome, communication between both the company and its customers is simplified. Customers may offer their opinions and issues in real-time compared to phone calls or emails.

The greatest aspect is that even with a small team of agents managing a customer support service, it is feasible to manage large amounts of communications from clients.

Landline texting benefits - Texty Pro

Text message alerts provides a competitive advantage

Even though texting is the most practical means of communication, only a small number of firms actually use texting as one of their primary ways of contact. Including it as a component of your company's communication ecosystem might provide you with a competitive advantage. Even if your rivals are already using it, incorporating it into your company's operations will guarantee that you do not fall behind. Text message alerts are opened and read within 3 minutes of receiving it by over 97% of people.


Text messaging can be used to improve a company's communication resources and operations, and it is one of the most practicable methods of connecting with a larger audience of leads. This is particularly true in today's market when technology has the ability to manage practically everything, and consumers often express a need for a convenient way to reach support when they encounter a problem.

SMS text messaging has shown to be much more than a simple means of communication, and it will probably continue to grow in importance as a multi-faceted asset for organizations in the years to come. Learn how to text from your business landline.

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