How To

Create Your Perfect Text Messages

Make sure your business text messages come across friendly and professional. With customers reaching your staff, you can personalize your messages to evoke your business' mood.

Text messages can feel faceless, especially with automated messages customers cannot directly respond to. Automated messages will not satisfy a customer’s questions or concerns all the time. Create appealing text messages that ensure customers know they are interacting directly with your business and knowledgeable staff. 

With person-to-person texting, users are texting people rather than a chat bot

Text with staff's knowledge

Handle customer inquiries with your staff’s expertise, even without a phone call. Business text messages do not need to be automated short code SMS that only can understand certain responses, they can be just as personal and useful as a phone call, handled personally by your staff. Include the staff member’s name when messaging for clear and unique communication.

Interact and save customer names

Ask and use customers' names when starting a conversation. Save contact information for returning customers, make them feel valued by using their name. Previous conversations and details can be useful when helping returning customers as well. 

Answer questions by text

Answer common questions about hours, location, and pricing through short clear messages. Let customers know when you need more time to return their request or answer, no need for the hold music with texting. Customers always appreciate quick responses.

Automate certain messages

Provide business hours to messages sent after your business is closed, greet customers when they first text your business, and check-in with customers you have not heard from in a while. These automated messages can help when staff is not immediately available.

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