How to Try Landline Texting Free

Try out landline texting for your business with a free 14-day trial of Texty Pro. Complete a simple sign-up process with no commitment and start texting using your existing phone number. Send and receive text messages with all the features available right on your computer.
April 28, 2022
How to Try Landline Texting Free

What is landline texting?

Landline texting makes it possible to send and receive text messages with an existing landline phone number. Text enabling a landline phone number allows the number to receive text messages alongside calls. All phone calls are unaffected and uninterrupted by text messaging. Without changing your number or adding another line, you can use text-messaging capabilities. Keep your business and brand consistent and uncomplicated for both you and your customers. It is easy to sign up and create an account to start texting today. Try out all the features offered with your account.

Once you have text-enabled your phone number, you will need a text messaging platform to see and respond to incoming text messages. You can access Texty Pro in your browser from any computer or with our iOS and Android apps. Your computers and smartphones can become text messaging devices anywhere you use them. With only one landline phone number, you can have the portability and flexibility of a new mobile number. Some of our plans include multiple users accounts for team collaboration and contribution. Have several of your team members focus on customer service, marketing, and scheduling directly with customers. Additionally, members can message privately between users with direct messages and channels.

Texty Pro

Business Texting Services

1. Texty Pro

A Texty Pro trial allows you to use the full features of Texty Pro with no commitment or contract. Create an account with your existing landline phone number to get started. You can try business texting for 14 days. We do not charge your account until after your 2-week trial ends. All trial accounts include 200 messages to start your business texting experience. Become familiar with text messaging in your business. Receive all text messages sent to your existing landline phone number. 

No special software or apps are needed for either the sender or recipient. Customers use their native texting app and receive your messages as SMS. You will receive all incoming text messages sent to your phone number. You can reply from your browser or with our iOS and Android apps. The free trial includes unlimited access to your Texty Pro account with the plan of your choice. Freely send and receive up to 200 messages in 14 days at no charge. 

How to get your free texting app for computer:

  1. Visit Texty Pro
  2. Choose a plan from our affordable texting plans and start your 14 days free trial
  3. Create an account with a U.S. or Canadian landline phone number 
  4. Sign in on any computer or iOS and Android
  5. You can continue to text and access your account until you cancel

Plans & Features Included

We have three plans for differing business sizes and needs. Try any of our plans to test all their features for free. Below you will see what is included with our plans. Most features are available for all plans; some require multi-user accounts for team features. 

  • All plans come with a number of included messages. They range from 500 to 4000 messages per month. Messages sent or received beyond the count are charged depending on your chosen plan. Overage charges are listed below each pricing plan
  • The number of users per phone number is dependent on your plan type. Our smallest plan allows one user account. Our Team plan and Pro plan both offer more users to be invited via email to create individual logins for one phone number.  
  • All phone numbers must be a United States or Canada landline/VoIP phone number. We text-enable numbers so they can send and receive text messages, unlike a standard landline number. 
  • Save contacts to your contact list for clear conversations. See customers as more than just a phone number. You can easily add, edit, and remove contacts as needed. 
  • Send and receive MMS picture messages as well. A simple way to share a picture worth a thousand words. Due to their size, MMS messages use three credits where SMS text messages count as one. 
  • Text from a computer. All you need is your account credentials to log in on any computer by going to our website on any modern browser. 
  • Text using iOS & Android apps using your landline phone number. Get notifications on your phone and portable access to receive and send text messages. 
  • Smart Auto replies allow you to create an automated response for determined scenarios. Write a welcome message for new customers, inform customers of your business hours, or check in with previous clients. 
  • Use inline private notes to leave messages only users can see. Private messages can be used directly in a thread to provide context and 
  • For additional notifications, text forwarding to email or mobile phone is available for our pro and team plans. When enabled, incoming messages to your landline number are sent to the entered email and/or mobile number. 
  • Plans with multiple users have team chat internal messaging. Another page is available for users to communicate privately using direct messages and channels. Collaborate with your team parallel to customer SMS messaging. Organize and manage ideas, projects, and teams with selected members. 
  • Members always have a shared inbox. All members receive all incoming SMS and send outgoing SMS from your phone number. 

Try Texty Pro for 14 days absolutely free. View our plans to get started. With the free trial, you can introduce your customers and clients to texting, send appointment reminders, respond to questions, provide a link, send or receive picture messages, and much more. Read how different departments can use texting in business settings. Currently we only text-enable U.S. landline phone numbers. If your business uses a landline number, sign up today for a free trial of Texty Pro’s landline texting features. You can always change your plan depending on your actual usage. We offer some basic business SMS tips for getting started texting with customers. If you have more questions, check our FAQs for information or contact us on our website or at

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