Text Messaging in Departments

Text messaging can be used in many different departments of businesses. A few examples we provide are customer service, account support, sales, and marketing. With team chat, all members and departments can collaborate alongside SMS messages.
July 14, 2022
Text Messaging in Departments Text Messaging in Departments

Text messaging can provide a whole array of services in business settings. Depending on your industry and business needs, you can tailor your text messaging. Offer your regular services through text messaging for a helpful addition to your current departments. You can have many of your customer service phone calls done via text messaging with landline texting. Each department can communicate with customers by text messaging for improved convenience. Team chat creates a space for user collaboration and private channels on our website. Let customers know what services can be handled by text messaging. Landline texting delivers the convenience of texting right to your existing phone number. Accessible from a browser on any computer, you can send and receive text messages just like on a cell phone. 

Text messaging is more accessible for hearing and speech impaired individuals. Texting is easily accessible and convenient for all types of customers. Many cell phone users text daily and prefer texting to phone calls. One phone number for both calls and text messages simplifies the customer experience. Using a text messaging service, such as Texty Pro, you can start sending and receiving text messages using your existing phone number. Any U.S. landline phone number is eligible for our service.  

Customer service & support

Text messaging is a perfect contact method for incoming customer service inquiries directly from customers. You can provide the same customer service you currently handle via phone calls with text messaging. Two-way text messaging allows for the same conversational messaging as phone calls. Customers can talk directly to business members getting real support. All messages can be directly replied to for an ongoing conversation and continued support. 

For businesses that provide technical support directly to customers, texting may provide an optional method of contact. You can list directions, instructions, and details about your products and services. Create templates for users to use when answering common questions quickly. These can easily be copied for a quick response with little wasted time or effort. Simplifying these processes can improve speed and cause less distraction. 

Account support & customer loyalty

You may want to provide customers with account support through text messaging. Team members can individualize their information depending on the customer or client. With customer service for potential customers and support for current clients, your business can cater to their exact needs. Existing customers can assuredly start or continue text conversations whenever they need, knowing conversational messaging allows for personal and professional messaging. 

Maintain active customers and clients by staying in contact. Text messages are an easy and convenient way to send new information, links, and images. Reward regular customers with deals or entice customers back with relevant offerings. Users read text messages at a rate of 97% as opposed to emails and missed phone calls. Ongoing conversations do not require active time like calls, or long wait times like emails.  Text messaging’s format has character limits, making text messages easy to read and write. 

Remember to not ask for or provide private data through text messaging. You should only transfer personal information or health data safely and willingly with encrypted software. If such information is required, you can provide another contact method when applicable. 

Sales and scheduling

You can offer customers the ability to order through text messages when possible. For restaurants and stores, orders by text message may be easier to track, record, and fulfill compared to orders by phone calls. Send a text message with the order confirmation or details after a completed transaction by text, website, or in person. You can easily provide or arrange pick-up or delivery options with a few text messages. Alternatively, supply customers with directions for pick up with any relevant safety regulations. 

Make booking your appointments quick, with no interruption to your workflow. Customers can request an appointment via text message in lieu of a phone call. Clients can request dates and times or provide your availability for efficient scheduling. Send a reminder by text before an upcoming appointment to reduce missed appointments. Team chat allows multiple users to send and receive messages and collaborate. Some users can handle scheduling and notify others right on the same website. 


You can send coupons and deals to customers to promote sales. Provide interested customers with special deals when they contact you. Enticing marketing specials, links, and images can draw customers’ attention. As said above, text messages have an extremely high read rate, especially when compared to other contact methods used by businesses. Emails have overwhelmed the average person’s inbox. Spam calls cause people to ignore many unknown calls leaving them voicemails. Text messaging on the other hand can offer short, digestible content with little burden. 

Ensure you are following all text-marketing laws when sending marketing messages. Customers must opt-in to receiving marketing messages. This will allow you to send outgoing messages to interested individuals. Your messages should never become spam or bothersome to your customer base. Following the rules of texting, you should create short and appropriate messages. 

There are many uses for text messaging in a business environment. Your customers are already texting, both for personal and business use. Texting is a common and effective method of communication. With an all-in-one phone number, customers can call or text the same phone number to reach your business for any reason. No matter if you have one or many different departments and phone numbers, you can use text messaging with your landline numbers. With Texty Pro’s 14-day free trial, you can try landline texting in your business today. Create an account with your U.S. landline phone number to access texting on your computer right in your browser.

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