Improve Sales and Customer Loyalty Through SMS Marketing

If you’ve ever tried email marketing, you already know that it doesn’t work as well as you thought it would. This is because the open rate of marketing emails in only about 21% and that’s only if your emails aren’t landing in the junk folder. Compared to the low open rate of emails, SMS text messages are opened and read by over 97% of people in less than 3 minutes of receiving it. Also, keep in mind that creating a marketing email may take hours or days compared toa marketing text message that is comprised of an image with a brief description of 160 characters or less.
July 19, 2022
Improve Sales and Customer Loyalty Through SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a term used for sending promotional SMS (Short Message Service) text message campaigns to consumers for the purpose of marketing a brand, business, product or goods. SMS Marketing is used alongside of email marketing and contextual landing pages to create a higher performing sales & marketing funnel that drives sales growth.

Is SMS Marketing Effective?

SMS Marketing or SMS Text Message Marketing is a very effective way of reaching your intended demographics with an open rate of 98% but keep in mind that for marketing purposes, the open rate may not be the most important KPI you should be paying attention to. When a text message is sent, the recipient’s mobile device sends a digital trigger by the form of push notification prompting them to read the message by playing an alert sound or a message preview banner and new message count. Regardless of who sends the text message, once the text is received, the user will open the text message whether to read it or delete it which is considered as opened. The better KPI for SMS Marketing would be the clickthrough (CTR) or conversion rate that measures a user taking action based on the call-to-action (CTA) such as clicking on a URL inserted in the text message such as “click on the link below to get a 14 day free trial”.

What Should I Know About Sms Text Message Marketing?

Before you start texting your current customers and prospect customers, be absolutely sure to consult with a lawyer and legally obtain express written consent from text message recipients prior to sending them a promotional or marketing text message to avoid fines.

In the year 1991, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States established the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), a federal law that regulates how brands and organizations can communicate with consumers. his law restricts marketing communications sent to consumers through various channels including SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messages. If you do not get express written consent from consumers, you may be fined up to $500 per each unwanted text message or up to $1,500 per text message for knowing or willful violations.

You must obtain advice from a legal council on SMS Compliance for TCPA and CTIA as you assume all responsibility for all legal matters as the information provided here is not legal advice and is for general informational purposes only. Learn more about SMS Compliance and learn how to correctly send business text messages.

TCPA SMS Compliance

Should I Send Sms Marketing Text Messages to Customers From My Cell Phone?

It may be tempting but we urge you not to text customers using your mobile phone number as it compromises your privacy and it will make it extremely difficult to separate work and life. What you should be doing instead is to text with customers using your existing business phone number. Text-to-landline or business text messaging service allows any businesses or organizations to send and receive business SMS text messages using your landline number. 

For the consumers, texting your landline number is no different than texting a mobile phone number. They can simply open their texting app (i.e. iMessages, the default SMS texting app for iPhones), enter your business phone number and press send text your business.

For you (the business), texting from your landline number is done by logging in to the business texting service using your computer that you subscribed to read and send text messages. You may also download a texting app to text with customers using your landline number. You can also set up auto-replies for convenience such as gathering information about the customer when they text you for the first time or replying automatically to all text messages your business received during off hours.

What Is the Best Text Messaging Service for My Business?

There are many business text messaging services nowadays and each of them cater to different business types and needs. Texty Pro - Business Text Messaging Service allows any businesses and organizations to text using a landline number to communicate more with consumers in less time on the channel that consumers prefer. Texty Pro allows two-way conversational business text messaging with customers which is not only convenient for both parties, it is proven to improve engagement, response rates and customer relationships. Try business texting from a computer for free today.

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