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What are auto replies?

Auto replies are messages set up to respond from your business number without manual input. In settings, there are three categories for auto replies: first time, after hours, and inactive customers. Click to view more details about each type.

Auto replies are text messages set up to respond to incoming text messages automatically.

There are three types of auto replies in the settings page:

Introductory One-time Greeting auto reply aAutomatically greet new people who you have never texted with. Auto-replies just once to every unknown person.

Recurring Greeting auto reply automatically greet people who you have already texted with. Choosebetween auto-replying to the same person once per hour or day.

Off-Hours auto reply automatically reply to text messages received during off-hours.Auto-replies to the same person once per day.

Re-engage Inactive Contacts automatically re-engage inactive people who stopped texting you.Sends just once to every inactive person; 180 days max duration.

Introductory One-time Greeting and Recurring Greeting auto replies are available with Pro and Team plans only.

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