Why Auto Repair Shops Should Use SMS to Communicate With Customers

Did you know that SMS text messages have become the most effective communication channel for businesses like Auto Repair Shops in the past few years? It’s quite surprising how long it took for SMS text messages to become so widely used in business settings given that the first ever SMS (Short Message Service) text message was sent 30 years ago (year 1992).
August 4, 2022
Why Auto Repair Shops Should Use SMS to Communicate With CustomersWhy Auto Repair Shops Should Use SMS to Communicate With Customers

Text Messaging for Auto Repair Shops

Although text messages have been around for 30 years, it’s only up until recently that it has become acceptable to send text messages for business use. Text messaging for automotive repair shops and service centers reduces time spend on sending vehicle repair status, ordering parts, sending invoices, taking appointments & sending appointment reminders, and answering general questions. For consumers, SMS text messaging is the most preferred channel for communications as it doesn’t disrupt them from what they were doing. With open rates as high as 99%, it is almost guaranteed that your text message will be opened and read by your customers.

Business text messaging allows Automotive repair shops and service centers to have one-to-one SMS conversations with their customers using their existing business number whether it's tied to a landline or VoIP phone. Most automotive repair shops that spend the majority of their time reaching customers through phone calls and leaving repetitive voicemails can save hours a day by quickly sending SMS text messages instead.  

Texting for Auto Repair Shops Can Help You With:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve internal team member collaboration
  • Reduce no-show appointments
  • Save time and increase efficiency

Text Messaging for auto repair shops

Why Text Message Is Better Than Phone Calls or Emails

When you call a customer, the likelihood of getting their voicemail is pretty much guaranteed. It’s not that they’re ignoring your phone calls. It’s just that your customers are busy and phone calls will disrupt them from what they were doing. In fact, recent studies show that Americans now answer less than half of all phone calls they receive on their mobile phone and only about 15% of emails are opened by recipients. Compared to these abysmal engagement rates, SMS text messages have an open rate of 99%. This almost guarantees that you'll get a reply from the customer in a timely manner.

Benefits for Text Messaging at Auto Repair Shops

Speed up Auto Repair Service

You know how it goes. The technician starts working on a car to troubleshoot and tests parts to identify the mechanical problem. You already have the replacement part needed in stock so you write up the estimate and call the customer to get approval for the repair. Like most phone calls you make everyday, it goes unanswered so you leave a voicemail. Then you wait around for 10-20 minutes because the car is already on the lift and the technician is ready to work on the car. Then you wait around a bit more for the phone call and then you tell the technician to move on and work on the next car. When you get the car down off the lift and put the next car on the lift, you get a call back about the voicemail you left. You may be glad that the customer decided to get the repair done but you also wasted well over 30 minutes of your technician’s time just waiting around.

With a business text messaging service for auto repair shops, you won’t need to wait around for phone calls. By signing up to a texting service, you will be able to send and receive text messages with your customers using your shop’s existing phone number. That’s right. It doesn’t matter if it’s a landline or a VoIP phone. 

After you sign up to the texting service, simply log in and start texting with customer from your computer. You can also download the mobile app to text away from the computer. Imaging sending a text message with a repair estimate or simply texting a photo of the repair estimate. Text messages have an open rate of 99% most text messages are read within 90 seconds of receiving them so you can say good bye to waiting around for return calls!

Get Faster Responses From Customers

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach your customer while their car is on the lift and the technician just waiting around. With automotive texting enabled at your auto mechanic shop, you won’t have to wait around any more. Americans check their phones 96 times a day and over 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds of receiving it on average. Streamline your communication with your auto repair shop customer today.

Reduce No-show Appointments

Missed appointments are another frustration point for all auto repair professionals. Not only is it annoying, it also affects your revenue since regardless of being busy or not, you still have to pay for the overhead including salary, rent, etc. With automotive texting enabled at your auto repair shop, you’ll be able to easily send appointment reminder text messages using your business phone number directly from your computer. You can also let your customers re-schedule by sending reminders that asks for a confirmation or reschedule.

“Hi Sammy, your appointment at Auto Service is tomorrow at 9:00am. Reply YES to confirm, NO to re-schedule and CANCEL to cancel your appointment.”

Get Online Reviews for Your Auto Mechanic Shop

You are already aware that people rely on online reviews for almost anything from restaurants to automotive service center’s ability to fix cars. Fortunately, asking your customers to provide an honest review of your service via SMS text messaging is quick and effortless. Simply provide the website address where you want them to review your service and ask for it politely.

“Hi Jim, it’s Dan at Auto Service. We would really appreciate it if you would leave your honest feedback - https://www.trustpilot.com/review/texty.pro"

Business Text Messaging for Auto Repair Professionals Is No Longer Just a “Nice to Have”

Everyone is texting and expect businesses to be able to text with them. If you landline number isn’t text-enabled, all the text messages you may have already received would have disappeared into the void. Luckily, Texty Pro has made it very easy for any mechanic shop to text-enable their landline number so that they can text using the same phone number they’re currently using to make phone calls. Try business texting today with a 14-day free trial today.

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