Best Text Messaging Service for Small Business

Small businesses' distinctiveness make them special and important in their community. However, managing phones, marketing, and customer service can be overwhelming for a small team to handle. Adding a text messaging service for small business can assist in many different aspects of business.
July 14, 2022
Best Text Messaging Service for Small BusinessBest Text Messaging Service for Small Business

Business Texting Services

Texty Pro - Business Texting Service

Would you like to know how to send business text messages from your current local landline phone number? Texty Pro can text-enable your U.S. or Candian landline number. For small businesses, a local phone number is often necessary. With little extra hardware (a computer or smartphone), that existing phone number can send and receive text messages.

Small businesses have distinct needs for their industry and their size. When interacting with customers, all businesses need to provide customer care that keeps people coming back. Small businesses can provide thorough, personal, and quick customer service as well as SMS marketing and all from their current landline phone number. As always, be professional and respect customer privacy when using text messages as a business platform. View our ten rules for texting with customers to ensure you understand the ways to use text messaging to represent your business best. 

Texting for Small Business Customer Service

Small businesses are especially capable of providing customers with personal and approachable customer service. With a direct connection to owners and staff, there is a great benefit in interacting with small businesses. Even for a small business, text messaging from your landline number only takes minutes. Small business owners or staff can use Texty Pro from any computer browser using our website or use our iOS and Android apps. Users read text messages within minutes; using a text messaging service for small business promotes quick and efficient customer interactions. Good customer service plays a large role in customer loyalty and retention. Keep your local landline number with the addition of sending and receiving text messages. 

Connect directly with customers with the features of text messaging. For both your business and your customers' texting is often a preferred way of handling simple questions and comments even in professional settings. Many users no longer see texting as informal. Users view texting as a practical and productive form of communication for both personal and business contacts. Texting with your current business number allows for two-way communication; your business and your customers directly reply to one another. You maintain your business’ recognizable landline phone number for calls and text messages. 

Texting for Small Business Customer Service

Connect with Customers with Personalizing Messages 

Create personal interactions for new and regular customers. We have seen that customers still want some personal interaction when interacting with businesses. Small businesses especially benefit from direct contact and relationships leading to return customers. Retaining customers is as important as gaining new customers, and proven to be much less expensive. With Texty Pro, you can look back and save customer names and chat details. Recognizing returning customers can help you better serve them in future visits and build a continuing relationship.

A text messaging service for small businesses can perfectly handle personal interactions, thoroughly answering customers quickly and precisely. Instead of automated phone systems or answering machines, text messaging allows easy to use and straightforward messaging. In addition, unlike automated short-code text messages that can only reply to certain keywords, texting with your local phone number allows two-way communication between customers and business. 

Text to Provide Quick Responses 

Responding to customers quickly is important especially for small businesses. Customers will quickly move on from a business not answering their phone, email, or text messages. While expected response time will differ by industry, an actively engaged customer is important for any business. 

To facilitate fast responses, your business can create custom templates to answer common questions. You can personalize templates depending on the other questions asked, time of day, or customer asking. Small touches will make customers appreciate what makes your business unique. Even when busy, providing a customer with a response is comforting. Tell them you will send them a message as soon as possible, it lets them know you are not missing their message. 

Enable your automated text messages, created to engage customers immediately during certain criteria. For after-hours messages, you may receive, our service can reply with a custom message you wrote or our standard message that includes your business hours. Create your business’ welcome message that can be sent to all customers sending you a text message for the first time as well. These auto-replies assist in engaging customers who have sent your business a message, while also helping you with quick responses with limited staff. 

SMS Marketing for Small Business

As a small business, marketing can be expensive and sometimes fruitless. Businesses often use emails to reach existing and potential customers with sales and new offerings. One problem, email open rate is only about 20% and does not look like it will increase soon. With more spam and marketing emails being sent every day, users are ignoring or deleting any email that does not appeal to them immediately. Luckily, the text message read rate is still over 90%, with users reading most messages within minutes of receiving. 

With SMS marketing, you can provide limited-time deals and coupons to engage existing customers. Reaching out to previous customers with new and exclusive offers can promote your business again. With MMS, you can also create images to text with sale information, flyers, and much more. Encourage text messaging by offering a first-time offer for new customers who text your number. Customers will only send you text messages if they know your business can receive them. Follow the rules of texting to ensure you are properly engaging with willing users and not spamming messages.

Organize Follow-up, Feedback, and Reviews

Make sure you are aware of customer satisfaction. For small businesses providing goods or services, getting feedback from customers is important for diagnosing and preventing any issues. Keep in touch with clients to keep on top of important changes or ongoing satisfaction. Update clients on important changes in your business as well. Use your business’ landline number to text while recruiting new employees. Converse and schedule meetings with vendors, clients, and customers. 

You can reach out to recent customers and clients to gather reviews to expand your current reviews and review platforms. With a text messaging service for small businesses, you can even copy a link to your review pages so customers can easily add a review. 

Text from a landline number with Texty Pro. Get started today by adding a text messaging service for small businesses. View our small business plan and try our text messaging service free for 14 days. For more information about Texty Pro, visit our FAQ page and contact us for any remaining questions.

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