How To

How to Best Text With Your Staff

Communicating with employees by text message can be an accessible way to keep staff up to date. Make sure you use business text messaging effectively for the best results.

Text messages have a 98% open rate and when received are often read within minutes. Keep in contact with your staff by text for immediate delivery and responses. Message employees using your business number for clear and professional communication. Your messaging should be consistent and reliable so employees know when to expect daily or weekly updates. Your employees should likewise contact you at your business number as needed. Handle their replies and messages quickly, providing an answer or letting them know when you will have an answer.

A few tips for messaging employees by text

For messaging your employees, be sure to show the same professionalism you would when texting customers. Ensure messages are clear, concise, and on time. Open communication with all your staff is important for a productive and healthy workplace. The latest changes and updates to your business are important for employees to know. Their knowledge and investment can help make your business successful.

Be consistent in your messaging

Provide necessary information for employees in direct text messages. Send employee schedules or weekly updates at a consistent day and time. Providing regular updates allows staff to expect and act on your messages ASAP. Send your messages at appropriate times of day, nothing too early or late. Messages interrupting someone's day are not as effective as messages received at relevant times. Keep your tone consistent and professional while managing employees. When texting as a business, a friendly but formal tone is generally a good way to keep messaging fitting.

Highlight time-sensitive matters

For important and time-sensitive topics, text messages are an ideal method of delivery. Text messaging leads the way in quick communication with high read rates and faster response times. Users most often read text messages in the first minutes of receiving, making a text ideal for an important matter. When text messaging with employees, lead with relevant and important information. Make sure they know what response or action is expected, and confirm.

Limit repetitive messages

Your messages should be concise, provide your information in a short, clear message. Deliver important messages when staff can act on them, and send reminders when necessary. Repetitive text messages can appear bothersome and in turn, people ignore them more often. Keep your messages relevant to the topic at hand, and verify your business has taken the appropriate actions to follow up.

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