What to Look For in a Landline Texting Service

Find a landline texting service that fits your needs. You may not be aware of what to be looking for if you have never tried landline texting before. We will give you some ideas of the basics and bonus features of landline texting.
July 14, 2022
What to Look For in a Landline Texting ServiceWhat to Look For in a Landline Texting Service

Whether you are new to the world of landline texting or looking for alternatives to your current service, we have compiled some basic information along with questions to consider when viewing texting plans. See what features are available as you look for a landline texting service. While some factors are necessary, others depend upon your preferences and needs as a business and as users. Thinking about your business, in particular, will help guide you to the best and easiest way to implement landline texting.

First, let us look at what landline texting is. Landline texting allows any landline phone user to get access to text messaging with the same phone number. You will be able to send and receive SMS messages with your existing landline number. Standard messaging, SMS, includes text and emojis (including links). MMS allows for images, audio, and video files to be sent and received. For your phone number to route text messages, you must text-enable your phone number. A landline texting service will text-enable your phone number for you and provide you with a platform for the messages. You then can text from a computer and/or smartphone.

Text messages sent to a regular landline number will not be delivered. With a text-enabled number, you not only receive text messages but can also reply directly. Customers can use their native texting app; they do not need any special requirements or information to text with you. Landline texting can be indistinguishable from standard mobile text messaging. With a landline number, SMS and MMS messages are separate from your phone calls and must be routed to a service that can display messages. Your landline texting service will not disrupt or interfere with your phone calls.

Many services offer free trials to get firsthand experience with their platform. You can try texting with your landline number right away. 

Ease of use

You want a texting platform that works for you and fits your specific needs. For one, take into account how simple or complex you want it to be. If you have multiple users, make sure everyone is comfortable and proficient using the platform. An easy-to-use texting platform will ensure everyone can utilize it efficiently and effectively. A simple service will be a good fit for those who want texting from a computer to be as easy as texting from a mobile phone. You do not want a service that has an overwhelming number of features you do not know how to use.

For more advanced users, you may be looking for platforms that offer many types of customizable features. More features may come at the cost of being more complicated to use and more costly. If you and your staff are comfortable with more advanced interfaces and settings, you can look for larger-scale services. Check the websites or contact the company for more specific or specialty information.  

Number of messages

The number of messages you send and receive is another factor when signing up for a texting service. You may not know how many messages you will need yet. If you are just starting with landline texting, you may not receive many messages from customers right away. You can start small and change plans when you outgrow them. Many plans count outgoing and incoming messages toward your total of included messages. Overage fees are applied to messages beyond the included count.

Texty Pro offers three plans each with a different number of included messages. With Texty Pro, you can change plans anytime. If you are using all your messages, upgrade to a more robust plan for the best deal. Additional features are available for larger plan sizes as well. Ask about a custom plan if you need more messages or more members included than the listed plans.

Automated vs. conversational messages

There are two main types of text messaging for businesses. Fully automated and conversational messaging. Automated messaging sends generated messages and may only reply to specific keywords. Automated text messages can provide a service similar to an automated menu on a phone call. Conversational text messaging is two-way messaging directly connecting people in real-time to talk via text. This type of text messaging is on par with personal texting and a standard phone call. You can use one or the other, or a mix of both.

For a little extra help with quick responses, auto replies can deliver messages in certain cases. They can be triggered by conditions or keywords. Use auto-replies alongside conversational text messaging for fast and thorough service. At Texty Pro, we provide two-way conversational text messaging. We want customers to connect with any size business with the convenience of text messaging. We have auto replies such as a greeting, a closed notification, and engaging inactive customers.

Multiple members

Some plans include the ability to add multiple members all under one phone number. If you have multiple people who need access to the same business number, you will want a service that allows multiple member accounts. You can see who is sending messages, track conversations, and assign conversations to a specific member. Private notes allow discussion between members directly in the context of an SMS conversation. Collaborate with coworkers with team chat features. Team accounts not only have access to all the ongoing SMS conversations, but also have private channels and direct messaging.

Accessible and portable

A good fit for a texting service will be accessible for all users. Text from a computer when available, then you can use your phone on the go. If you need portable login, smartphone apps are important. Looks for apps for both iOS and Android for the most accessible and convenient for all members.

Notifications are an important component of any messaging service. Ensure you are notified of all your incoming text messages. Find a service that can provide notifications on the platforms relevant to your business. With both browser and mobile notifications, you can handle new messages quickly.

Texty Pro is available on the web and mobile for both iOS and Android. You do not need any additional software; you can log in on a browser on any computer. Visit texty.pro on any browser to sign in to send and receive text messages on your computer.


Find a plan that has all your needs with a pricing plan that works for you. Texty Pro offers three plan options for different needs. Our base growth plan is built for one user with a moderate amount of included messages. Team plans include multiple member accounts available under one landline phone number. Custom plans are also available for those who have needs for more messages or members included.

Landline texting is available and ready for many businesses to start using. If you would like more information about Texty Pro and our features, check out our FAQ page. We also have many blog posts for all kinds of information about business texting and our specific features. With a free trial, you can begin landline texting with no commitment. Text from a computer, enable your existing landline number with an easy-to-use and accessible platform such as Texty Pro.

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