How To

Schedule Clients & Text Reminders with Business SMS

Communicate with customers easily and conveniently via business text messaging. Manage customer scheduling and reminders with business landline text messaging. Provide professional and helpful services all through your existing business landline number.

Every business should use landline text messaging to fit their business needs. For businesses that handle scheduling customers, text messaging can improve your communication and scheduling speed. Customers can quickly book an appointment by sending a text message to your landline number. Your business can also reach out to customers to remind them to schedule an appointment or remind them of an upcoming appointment. Currently, people often prefer to organize via text message, especially with businesses, to other forms of communication. Reminder messages are effective in reducing missed appointments. Most mobile phone users read text messages minutes after receiving them. With such a high read rate, text messaging is a practical way of sending reminders to customers. Customers can bring up any further questions or concerns by replying, no need to reach out on another platform or make a call. 

Now you can enable landline text messaging to use your existing business phone number. With business landline texting with Texty Pro, your staff manages your business’ messages. You can personalize all your messages. Text messaging allows for conversational messaging; you can chat with customers as you would on the phone or in person. Business text messages do not have to be overly manufactured or automated. Use templates as a jumping-off point for further communication. We have examples of appointment and reminder messages in this post as well as another post with more message templates for different uses and industries. 

Scheduling Appointments with your Business Landline Number

Always keep your business text messages professional and friendly and remember the rules of texting with customers. Make sure to introduce yourself and your business when sending text messages. 

Incoming Requests and Response

Let customers contact your business by text to make an appointment. Customers can easily text your landline number to request an appointment time. Use your current scheduling methods along with text messaging to communicate with clients. Within a few text messages, your customers can work with your staff to set up and confirm the right date and time. Many users prefer using text messages for getting in touch with businesses to other means. Phone calls and email are often viewed as inefficient or an unwanted hassle by customers. 

Business text messaging is increasing in usage with large and small businesses. People do not assume most businesses can receive text messages, especially conversational messages viewed by the business itself. Inform customers that they can make appointments by text message. With two-way text messaging, you can discuss scheduling with a few short messages to complete the booking process. They can even contact you outside business hours with a message instead of a voicemail. Small businesses can use their existing landline number for text messaging without affecting their phone calls. 

Outgoing Appointment Scheduling

Send regular customers and clients reminder messages to schedule appointments for recurring services. A text message can help bring returning customers back for their next dental cleaning, oil change, or haircut. Business text messaging is an easy way to reach out to your customer base. It is convenient for both the sender and recipient, meaning it is a win-win. With two-way texting, recipients can directly reply to your business’ text message. A text message reminder can lead clients to a quick response. Unlike the interruption of calls, users can quickly and easily read text messages and reply throughout the day. 

You may want to send appointment confirmations by text message for all booked appointments. If you have the customer’s mobile number, you can send a text message with the appointment details to verify the information is correct. Customers you schedule by phone, email, or in-person can benefit from receiving documentation of their upcoming appointment time. Any errors caught or changes that occur before the appointment, customers may reply for further customer service. They do not need to find another phone number or contact method after receiving your text message. 


Thank you for contacting CDM. May I please have your first and last name? Our first available appointment this week is on Tuesday the 1st at 6 pm. Does that work?
This is Laura at TPI to confirm your appointment for Monday, June 7 at 1:45 pm. For changes, please reply to this message at least 24 hours before your appointment. Thank you.
It’s been six months since your last dental cleaning. Reply to this message to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Thank you from RMC Dental.

Text Clients Appointment Reminders

Again, like all your business interactions, maintain best practices when sending text messages. Consider what messages you send via text, and how to use texting for small businesses

Outgoing Reminders

Send text messages to remind customers of their upcoming appointment. Although consumers often ignore business calls, a text message with a clear message and an established sender will grab the recipient’s attention. Find the best time to send text reminders to your customers. Often reminders the day before or the day of the appointment are useful for preventing no-shows and late clients. 

Provide customers with important information before their appointment. Send policies, directions, payment methods, documents to bring, or check-in procedures by text; any information customers should be aware of before entering your business. Send messages to all customers with upcoming appointments with mass text messaging. Send out one message to many customers while each customer’s conversation remains private. 


Your appointment at CMD Downtown is tomorrow. We request a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Reply or call this number if you need to cancel and we can reschedule your appointment. 
Hi Stephen, this is Laura at TPI to confirm your appointment for Monday, June 7 at 1:45 pm. Please be aware of our current safety measures and please wear a mask during your appointment. Thank you.
ART Reminder. Your appointment is today at 3:15 pm. Visit our website for more information.

Landline texting is a cheap and fast way to text enable your business. If you would like to enable landline texting for your business, Texty Pro offers easy setup and a free 14-day trial. Get started with your local landline number and a computer or smartphone. Business landline text messaging allows your business to use your current landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your calls. Visit our homepage and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.