What Is a Text to Landline Service?

A text-to-landline service, also known as a landline texting service allows any businesses to send and receive two-way conversational SMS and MMS text messages with customers using an existing landline and VoIP phone number. To your customers, texting with your business phone number will be no different than texting a mobile phone number.
December 8, 2022
What Is a Text to Landline Service?What Is a Text to Landline Service?

Text to Landline

When you send a text message using a text-to-landline service, the recipient will see that the text message came from your business phone number. For customers, replying to the text message you sent from your business phone number will be the same as replying back to any other text messages.  Text-to-landline service provided by Texty Pro is independent of your telephone carrier and does not require any changes to your voice phone service.

Text to Landline

Text Messaging for Business

Everyone is texting nowadays. In fact, over 81% of Americans text regularly and based on recent studies, over 78% of people wished that they could have a text message conversation with a business. It doesn't matter what kind of company you run; landline texting service for business allows consumers to easily contact your business without the usual hurdles associated with contacting any business. When you have business text messaging enabled with a text-to-landline service, your customers will be able to conveniently text you instead of having to set aside a time to make a phone call and be put on hold followed by multiple transfers between agents or writing an email to you and expect to wait days for a simple reply.

The best way to reach customers is business SMS

One of the most significant advantages of sending business texts from your landline or VoIP phone number from a computer is that it improves customer service and happiness across the board. Customer satisfaction levels have a greater impact on your bottom line than many other elements under your control. The ability to communicate in an open and focused manner is one of the most effective weapons in your customer service arsenal. How your business goes about it makes a significant impact when it comes to your reputation, income, and growth.

Text Messaging for Business

Benefits of Texting from a Landline

Traditional channels of communication are being phased out in favor of convenience and ease of use, yet many companies are reluctant to get a new phone number in order to engage with clients by text message instead of phone calls.

The good news is that landline texting service allows you to text-enable your company's existing phone number so that it can send and receive standard SMS text messages as well as MMS picture messages.

Consider the following examples of how landline texting increases customer satisfaction which should persuade you to take a closer look at the benefits provided by Texty Pro text-to-landline service.

What is a landline?

A landline is a regular hardwired telephone used in homes and businesses that converts audio data to signals and transmits them through physical wires compared to mobile phones that communicates through wireless transmissions.

Consumers Want to Send Text Messages to Businesses

Smartphone usage have surpassed all other modes of communication as the primary mode of interaction nowadays. They also do well when it comes to accessing the Internet, looking up businesses, and purchasing items online. If your company wants to increase customer happiness, you understand how critical it is to contact customers where they are. Recent research has shown that 85 percent of customers prefer text messages over phone calls or email.

Customizing your company processes to match the demands of your target audience is an important part of achieving customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter whether you provide home remodeling services, legal advice, or pet toys; the success of your business is dependent on how effectively you satisfy your customer base's needs.

They demand messages, and landline texting services may assist you in keeping them happy and content. It does so without the need to pay for various cell plans or external messaging providers, which is a huge convenience.

Business Text Messaging Increases Brand Awareness

Gaining brand awareness is crucial for any business in today’s world. Using your company's landline or VoIP number to send business texts helps to increase brand awareness and establish a positive reputation from consumers. Business text messaging is not only affordable, it’s the most effective way to contact consuers with the highest open rate of over 97% compared to emails or phone calls.

Texting Has a More Personal Feel to It

Text messages have become the most popular means of personal connection with friends and family, surpassing all other channels of communication in recent years. There are a variety of factors contributing to this trend away from phone and email, but the informal and pleasant nature of brief messages is at the top of the list. Companies looking to enhance their customer service may take advantage of this image to build deeper and more favorable relationships with their customers.

When it comes to customers in today's hyper-connected world, brand stories, corporate objectives, and community participation are all important considerations. Every communication you give them must express all of this information to them in a clear and emotional manner. It feels more personal to text someone, and it provides you the ability to send them precise information that they’re looking for.

Time Is of Great Importance

The ability to send marketing text messages, special offers, and brand-building material through landline texting is particularly advantageous when it comes to responding and updating your customers. People who have become customers or clients want clear and prompt communication in order to feel sure that they will get what they have paid for. As technology has advanced, consumers have come to anticipate faster and faster responses to their comments and answers to their inquiries.

Text messages sent from a corporate texting account provide recipients with rapid information that they may view from any location using their phones. In addition, if they are not accessible at the time of the text message, the message will be held until they are available. With phone calls, the closest thing you’ll get is a voicemail which may not get listened to.

Text to Landline Service

SMS for business has grown more important to individuals as a result of the rising use of technology. The majority of us contact others via text messages, particularly with friends and family. Although some of us use texting platforms at work, even schools have started to employ text messaging systems to interact with kids and staff members.

Furthermore, written modes of communication are more susceptible to misunderstandings and misinterpretations than spoken forms of communication. As a result, while utilizing SMS for commercial purposes, it is critical to be smart and aware of the material we are sending.

Given the simplicity with which it may be used and the low cost of transmission, SMS for business has evolved into an essential communication medium. Small company budgets can be accommodated, and depending on how virtual your everyday operations are, it may even be the answer you have been seeking to bring all of your communications together on a single, easy system. Do you want to put that hypothesis to the test? Texty Pro is offering a 14-day free trial period.

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