Getting Started

What is Business Texting?

Business texting is the next step in communicating with your clients, customers, and business contacts. With the ease and efficiency of text messaging, your business can broaden your customer service and support. If you are curious about business texting, here are a few things to know for your business.

Basics of landline business texting

With Texty Pro, you can text using a landline phone number on our website or iOS and Android apps. There is no need for any additional software for your computer; you can sign into any computer with your business or employee account. Customers only need to text your local business number from their native texting app. 

What is business texting?

Business texting allows businesses to communicate with customers and business contacts by text message. Without using personal phone numbers, businesses can use a text-enabled number or multiple numbers to use for text communication and sometimes phone calls with the same number. Business texting can use a short-code, toll-free number, or a local 10-digit number. All have their advantages depending on your business’ needs and abilities. 

View our suggestions on how to use business texting for your business and what messages to send via text. Business texting should follow texting best practices to ensure you are engaging without bothering customers or transferring private information. 

What is a 10-digit local number?

For business texting, there are different options for phone numbers. Your current landline number is a 10-digit local phone number. Shortcode and toll-free both require a new number to send and receive messages. The benefits of using your local number are that it is recognizable and unchanging. Across phone calls and text, messaging your phone number is the same. Customers can easily know what number to text. Local numbers appear more recognizable and trustworthy. 

With Texty Pro, use your local business number to send and receive text messages to any mobile number. You can easily send and receive all from your local business number. There is no need for a new or additional phone number for text messaging. 


Check out our blog post on the requirements for signing up and using Texty Pro. To sign up and create an account for a 14-day free trial, you need a U.S. landline number. 

To start business texting today, sign up for Texty Pro’s free 14-day trial. Send and receive text messages using your current business phone number, no alternate number needed. Enjoy auto-replies for new customers, inactive customers, and after-hours messages with easy setup with your account.