How to Offer Better Customer Service Through Business SMS Text Messaging in 2024

Text-enable your business number to quickly and easily communicate with your customers through SMS text messaging. With features like auto-replies, you can save time by auto-responding to customer text messages immediately. Learn more about business text messaging.
January 8, 2024
How to Offer Better Customer Service Through Business SMS Text Messaging in 2024How to Offer Better Customer Service Through Business SMS Text Messaging in 2024

Text Messaging for Customer Service

Customer service is the key to success for any business. Providing excellent service, responding promptly to customers’ queries, and ensuring that the customer’s needs are met are some of the aspects of customer service. To ensure that customer service is top-notch, businesses are turning to business SMS text messaging. This technology comes with a wide range of benefits that can help businesses better serve their customers.

What is Business SMS Text Messaging?

Business SMS text messaging is a method of sending messages using a landline or VoIP number. The messages are sent as SMS messages to the customers’ mobile devices. This technology is becoming increasingly popular as more businesses are turning to it to communicate with customers.

Business Texting is the Future of Customer Service

Business texting, or the use of SMS and messaging apps to communicate with customers, is becoming the future of customer service for a number of reasons. Firstly, texting is a preferred mode of communication for many customers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, who prefer to communicate via text rather than email or phone. Additionally, texting allows for quick and efficient communication, with customers able to receive and respond to messages at their convenience. Business texting also allows for more personalized and targeted communication, with businesses able to send tailored messages and offers to individual customers based on their preferences and previous interactions. Finally, business texting can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it allows for faster and more responsive customer service, which can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Benefits of Using Business SMS Text Messaging for Customer Service

There are many benefits of using business SMS text messaging, including:

  • Convenience - Business SMS text messaging for CS is fast and convenient, allowing businesses to quickly and easily communicate with customers. With features like auto-replies, businesses can save time by auto-responding to customer text messages immediately.
  • Cost-Effective - Businesses can save money by using business SMS text messaging as they do not need to purchase additional software or hardware. Business texting is quite affordable. Depending on the subscription plan, it may be about a dollar a day.
  • Increased Customer Engagement - Business SMS text messaging allows businesses to stay connected with their customers and increase engagement. SMS text messages has the highest engagement rate. 99% of text messages are read and most of them are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.
  • Automation - Businesses can use business SMS text messaging to automate customer service processes, such as greeting customers or responding during off-hours.
  • Customization - Business SMS text messaging offers businesses the ability to customize the messages to their customers’ needs including the ability to add personal signatures to every text message.

Tips for Offering Better Customer Service Through Business SMS Text Messaging

Now that you understand the benefits of using business SMS text messaging for customer service, here are some tips for providing better customer service through this technology:

  • Speed - Respond to customers quickly and make sure that responses are helpful and accurate. You respond to your customer texts from a computer or through the Texty Pro mobile app available on iOS and Android phones and other devices.
  • Personalization - Make sure that messages are personalized to the customer’s needs. Leave private notes for your self and your team members to stay current with your customer needs.
  • Automation - Use automation processes to respond faster by enabling auto-reply features such as Introductory One-time Greeting, Recurring Greetings, and After Hours Auto Reply.
  • Consistency - Ensure that messages are consistent and up-to-date.
  • Tracking - Track customer interactions and responses to ensure that you know exactly what the customer needs. Document their needs by tagging them or leaving private notes.

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