Using Texty Pro

Setting up an after hours auto reply

This feature allows you to automatically reply to all customers who texts your business during off-hours

The benefits of automated text message replies during off hours

Automatically replying to text messages during off hours can bring several benefits. Firstly, it can enhance customer satisfaction by providing an immediate response to their inquiries even outside of normal business hours. This can increase customer loyalty and trust, and create a positive impression of your business.

Secondly, automatic replies can help manage customer expectations by setting clear boundaries on when they can expect a response. This can reduce frustration and dissatisfaction among customers who may have unrealistic expectations about response times.

Thirdly, automatic replies can help reduce the workload of customer service agents by addressing common inquiries and requests without requiring human intervention. This can save time and resources, allowing customer service representatives to focus on more complex issues.

Overall, automatic replies to text messages during off hours can improve customer experience, streamline customer service operations, and positively impact the bottom line of a business.

Automatically reply to text messages during off hours

Please note that only the primary account owner can set the auto reply.

1. Log in to Texty Pro web app

Go to to log in to the Texty Pro web app.

2. Go to Settings

Click on the Settings (gear icon) from the navigation bar on the top left

3. Select Auto Replies

Click on the Auto Replies option under Workplace

4. Turn On Auto Reply Option

Click on the After Business Hours auto reply toggle to enable After Business Hours auto reply. The toggle is blue when on.

You have 2 message options for After Business Hours auto reply. Select the option that applies to your business.

  1. Custom message - Select this option to write a custom message that everyone will receive when texting your business during off hours
  2. Default message - Select this option to use the default message, including business hours, that everyone will receive when texting your business during off hours

Your changes will automatically save

If you need to set your business hours, follow the steps here. The auto reply will automatically update when you edit your business hours.

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