Using Texty Pro

Setting up a recurring greeting auto reply

The recurring greeting auto reply feature allows you to automatically greet returning customers who has already texted your business in the past.

How to auto reply to customers you have already texted with

Please note that only the primary account owner can set the auto reply.

1. Log in to Texty Pro web app

Go to to log in to the Texty Pro web app.

2. Go to Settings

Click on the Settings (gear icon) from the navigation bar on the top left corner

3. Select Auto Replies

Select Auto Replies under Workplace in the settings menu

4. Turn on Recurring Greeting

Click on the toggle next to Recurring Greeting auto reply. An auto reply is enabled when the toggle is blue.

5. Type a message

Enter a message that everyone will receive when texting your business in the text input box. A message is required and will automatically save once a message is added.

Using Texty Pro