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How to add a personal signature

Adding an SMS signature to your business text messages is one of the easiest ways of improving your text messages. SMS signatures makes every text message feel professional while humanizing the interaction that improves the customer experience.

Why Add an SMS Signature

In the fast paced world that we live in, no one likes to wait or talk to unnatural sounding bots that are simply unhelpful. This is why one-on-one conversational text messages are much preferred over bots. By adding an SMS signature to every text message, the text message recipient will immediately see that they are talking to a real person from a business or an organization that they may already be familiar with. It is also a great way to communicate your brand as well as humanizing the interaction. Simply put, there is no good reason not to add an SMS signature to your business text messages.

How to Add an SMS Signature

Most people would rather send a quick text nowadays and communication in general have become a lot more efficient thanks to mobile apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. Unlike SMS text messages, these apps require that you either accept an invite or have a specific device such as an iPhone to be able to communicate. SMS (Short Message Service), the text messaging service component of a mobile phone on the other hand does not require anything except the recipient’s phone number to be able to message. 

Having said that, smartphones and its simplified user experience has somewhat changed how we use SMS text messages. Over the past decade, SMS has become more and more like the chat apps like WhatsApp by removing features such as the subject field or the option to add a personal signature at the end of every text message you send.

This is where text messaging service like Texty Pro come in. With Texty Pro, adding a an SMS signature is as easy as toggling a switch.

Add an SMS Signature in the Texty pro Business Text Messaging Service App

1. Log in to Texty Pro and click on the Settings tab. Once you are inside the Settings tab, you'll find the "Personal Signature" option under the "My Account" section.

2. Click on the disabled grey toggle next to the Personal Signature option to enable the SMS signature.

3. Fill out an SMS signature you want to show below every message you send to your contacts. Once you are done adding your signature, click on the "Save Changes" button to save your signature.

You can customize the personal signature to get added on every message you send or add it once a day per each conversation.

With the "Personal Signature" option enabled, your SMS signature will now be automatically added to each text message you send.

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