Who Should Use Business Texting?

Business texting is quickly growing as access and use increases across America. With more businesses adopting business texting, it is soon to become an indispensable part of communication. See what your business can do with business landline texting.
August 24, 2022
Who Should Use Business Texting?Who Should Use Business Texting?

Any business can use business texting whether you have a physical location or not. Having different contact methods will help cover multitudes of customers. With more customers wanting to skip the hassles of customer service calls, texting can provide a welcome alternative. Using the convenience of text messaging for your professional conversations is less taboo than you may think. From quick questions to thorough customer support, business texting can take on customer service inquiries with ease. Your business’s unique demands can shape how you use texting for your daily business. 

If you already have an existing landline phone number, you can easily text enable it. With one phone number, your communication can go between text messages and calls easily. Versatile and portable as texting, business texting can be used on a computer or smartphone using our website and iOS and Android apps. Continue providing your customers with your services, while being more convenient for both parties. Find out how your business can implement business texting. 

Business Texting

Small Businesses

Business texting offers small businesses an easy way to update their communication methods. Efficient and simple to use, a text messaging service allows small businesses to use landline texting with little setup. Communicate without complicated software or difficult-to-use tools. Business texting with Texty Pro is straightforward. Personalized text messaging, fast responses, and direct marketing make two-way texting a good fit for small businesses. Texting allows for a certain amount of asynchronous communication. Users do not have to be present or available at the same time to continue a conversation. This can be less demanding on businesses with few or limited employees. View our blog post about business texting for small businesses.

Business owners

Enabling landline texting allows business owners to take part in and view customer interactions. With access on computers and smartphones, you can see all your business’s incoming text messages wherever you are. Text messaging’s short nature leads to quick conversational messages. Personal contact with business owners can be a great way to build good relationships with clients and customers. Owners can keep up with ongoing conversations to assist or track their status. 


With more users, multiple employees can handle incoming and outgoing text messages. Customer service representatives can easily see and respond to incoming text messages on both computers and smartphones. One or more users can handle multiple conversations simultaneously. Employees can communicate with text messages all under your business' landline phone number.

Landline Texting

Different industries can use business texting, also known as landline texting for their particular needs. With open-ended possibilities, each business can tailor its texting uses and preferences. 

Automotive businesses can use business texting for contacting customers when their car is ready for pick up. Schedule healthcare appointments and send reminders to patients by text messages. For any matters that do not include private patient information, people can use text messaging.  Quickly organize your home service scheduling via text messages and provide pricing and estimates. Insurance agents can use a landline number to keep in touch with clients using their computers and smartphone. Effectively communicate throughout real estate dealings and provide updates and details with your business number. Restaurants can manage orders, answer questions, and distribute coupons while using the same landline phone number for calls and text messages. Book Salons and spa appointments and send reminders with text messages. For other retail businesses, text messaging provides another way of contacting customers about sales, restocks, and orders. For any business, the addition of text messaging can reduce phone calls and 

Any business can use texting in their daily tasks. Currently, text messaging may be better than email and phone calls for many businesses. Business text messaging for customer service and sales can provide thorough and direct support with less active wait times. Businesses can ask customers for reviews with direct links to their pages. Scheduling and appointment reminders sent by text message are simple and will help remind clients of upcoming appointments. With mass messaging, you can reach your customer base with only a few messages. Text messages also offer written communication rather than audio-only. This can aid in getting details correct and avoid mishearing or misremembering conversations. You can revisit past contact to review or follow up directly in the same thread. 

Try landline texting free with our 14-day trial. With our website and apps, you can send and receive business text messages wherever you are. For more questions about business texting with Texty Pro, read our FAQ and support page. Business landline text messaging allows your business to use your current landline phone number to send and receive text messages without affecting your calls. Use business text messaging on your computer and phone for convenient access when you need it. Visit our homepage texty.pro and download our app for iOS and Android. For more details or outstanding questions, please visit our frequently asked questions and support page.

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