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How to text enable your landline phone number

Register your US or Canadian landline/VoIP phone number through Texty Pro to text-enable your business for landline texting. Signup should take less than a minute.

Want to know how to text-enable your business for landline texting?

Texty Pro was built from the ground up to simplify the process for businesses to get text-enabled and text from a landline using their business phone number.

Until recently, text-enabling an existing business phone number meant jumping through hoops and searching endlessly for any insights on how to go about doing so. Any information shown on the internet was made for the enterprise market which meant that it didn't apply to smaller scale businesses. Texty Pro Business Landline Texting has changed that with simplified signup, plans that work for businesses of all sizes, and an easy to use console that can be accessed from any where using a web browser or our iOS and Android native mobile apps. Enable landline texting and start text messaging in just a couple of minutes.

How can I text from my landline?

See why so many businesses are using Texty Pro to text-enable their businesses.

Text-enable your landline today for free

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Want to learn more about how you'll benefit with business text messaging?

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